Update: The First 100 Days Project (Day 50 of 100)




So, with great fanfare I announced my ambitious plan to create an Obama painting each day of the new administration. And with relatively few posts lately, perhaps you’re wondering what happened. Well, first, and thankfully, our new president has been more on the case than this artist.I have had to balance my art output for survival, as well as the shows I’ve been it. And slowly I began to lag behind. Currently, I think I’ve completed about 40 of the 50, and all of those have not been uploaded. Truth is, while I haven’t abandoned the project, it has been a challenge to keep up. And now it seems I may need to amend it.


To date we’ve donated $50 to “The Need To Feed,” $71.00 to the “Marines, Toys for Tots,” and $129 for “Breast Cancer Research.” These are all important causes, and it makes me happy to know my art was able to be of some small assistance. But, with no announced “Economic Bailout Program for Struggling Artists,” family finances/responsibilities will have to take priority over my philanthropic plans. I must use all my art, even some of the paintings from my “First 100 Days series” to create my own “Stimulus Package”. So, moving forward, while I’ll continue with the “First 100 Days Project” and hopefully catch up, only “selected” works, not all,  will benefit charity. So while I had the very best of intentions to try to help others in need, these difficult times necessitate for this artist that charity begins at home.  Ya dig.  - TMNK


  • Art Visions March 12, 2009

    I dig!

  • Barb H. March 12, 2009

    It’s still a noble undertaking, and a very ambitious project. And an economic bailout for struggling artists? Why not!

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