Gett’n Ready To Show My Ass in Norway



Gallerie Galleberg director Kjetil

Somebody pinch me. Because this is a long way from drawing characters of my teachers in the back of the class. And farther still from the streets of SoHo where I began creating street art with my boyyyeee AVONE. Yet it”s the kind of thing I dreamed of, and worked very hard for, painting day and night, and hustl’n my art in the streets and online. So, I am very pleased and excited that  my work caught the attention of curator Marte Jettestad and Gallerie Galleberg director Kjetil here in Norway. And while I will do my best to behave with a bit of decorum, and like I’ve been here before. But let’s let’s face it, I’m a nobody, so expect me to show my ass while I’m here (wink). And it seems that I have a lot of good people here to help me do just that.



Gallerie Balleberg has produced a special edition of 20 signed and numbered catalogs which come in a handmade case and an original artist’s drawing – (only a few left, contact Gallery director to purchase one before they’re sold out) plus a limited edition of 500 copies.



There is literally an army of SOMEBODYS behind the scene (including my cuz who prints all my bandanas and t-shirts), scheduling interviews, promoting, designing, slapping stickers, framing, and some just HANGING around to ensure Norway KNOWS Nobody is/was here doing the damn thing.





Thanks for making me feel so very welcome.

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