Somebody Pinch me…NYC’s TMNK Brings Street Art To Portugal?



Supposedly, he’s a NOBODY in the Street Art/Contemporary Art World…right? Okay, so how does a so-called “nobody”  end up selling his art all over the world? And now a prominent collector flys him to Portugal to begin planning his Solo show there in April? And this suite, with balcony facing the ocean? Probably photoshop right? This TMNK must be dreaming right? Making shit up?

First and foremost I trusted in GOD, and believed in myself. Then I worked really, really hard, relentlessly, persistently, battling the fears and the tears. I kept going. AND.. I was blessed, so very blessed, to have a lot of GREAT PEOPLE that beleived in me too. One of them has been collecting my work for four years now. He has over 100 of my original paintings in his collection. And he’s putting together my first solo show here in April, NO BULL, NO LIP SERVICE , REAL TALK.

So, on bended knee I say thank you. To Luis I say thank you… And to all my collectors I say Thank you…

And I hope you’ll forgive this moment of  ”flagrant cockiness” but this has been a long time coming, and your boyyyeeee the so-called “NOBODY” has put in much work, day and night to get here, and it aint over yet, but…

THIS, RIGHT HERE…IS MY SWAG!!! – Granny and PaPa, I know you see Me Now, Right Now…I hope You’re Proud of your grandson. – with a tear in my eye, true, Nobody did it. – TMNK

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