It was Nice To Meet You.


Art may be a business, but to me and my loyal army, it’s a lot more, and yes It’s personal.So,  It Was Nice To Meet You!

This message made possible by people who care about artists and the art they create.

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  • Laila Irene walberg July 13, 2011

    Calling out loud for my nobody friend!!please contact me ASAP on this mailadr.Im whitout phone and mac.I have been taken good care of and has been living on a boat the last week with some very desent guys who saved me,feeding me, lending me money to survive, Thanks God!I have a lotof strange things to tell you~please dont listen to S.T version~the man is not who he says!!Please call me on mob.+47 91121482!! I want to see you,whereever you are,I have my passeport soon!!hope you are well&healthy my friend!!!!LOL;*laila aka GWW

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