NYC Street Artist TMNK Creates Tribute to Children Massacred at Utøya, Norway

The lives of many my friends in Norway have forever been changed by the violent attack of of one madman in Utøya. I learned today that one of my dear collectors lost his oldest daughter, her fiance, and two grandchildren. Of course I have offered my deepest heart felt sympathies, but I wanted to do more. So a few days ago I began working on a special painting that would pay tribute  and respect to those who so senselessly loss their lives (especially the children), but that would also pay tribute to the spirit and soul of loving and peaceful nation. For even in the midst of their nations most mournful moment, they have resolved to move forward, not hatefully or vengefully but with a spirit of hope and healing.

(WIP) It's Never To Late To Care, 6ft x 8 ft (183cm x 243.8 cm) TMNK Tribute to Utøya Victims

I’m still working on this painting, and while I know it and I to be but a small pebble in the ocean of all those who wish to express their sadness, I hope it will be a permanent reminder of the devastating loss that occurred Saturday July 23, 2011, as well as image that reflects the healing and strengthening powers of hope and humanity. That our world is made better, our children safer, when we choose to exercise faith over fear, practice love instead of hate, and walk hand-in-hand, embracing our differences.




To my friends in Norway, You’ve always made this Street Artist, a NOBODY, feel like somebody special. I wish I could be there with you, please know, that despite the miles of ocean that separate us, YOU and your families are in my thoughts, and that this NOBODY Cares.

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