He’s a Boss! and proof that (Scared Money Don’t Make No Money)

Look, I be ridin’ threw my old hood,
But I’m in my new whip.
Same old attitude, but I’m on that new shit.
They say they gon’ rob me, see me neva do shit.
Cause they know that’s the reason that’s gone end up on a news clip.


ReMixxxxxxx!!! Starring David Lombardi!
Last Night I was chilling on the block, correction, on “HIS” block, when David Lombardi rolled through like the “BOSS” he is.
This right here is HIS SWAG!!!!
Fly WHip? check!
Fly Shorty aka Dime piece? check! (He had a Gorgeous!!! woman with him in the front seat, sure hope it was his wife) ;-)

Just having fun, but HE IS A BOSS. He invested in/BELIEVED in the Wynwood District, long before Tony Goldman added his magic. Just like the song, he proved that scared money don’t make no money…He’s A Boss! And He’s my friend. And I’m sure it makes him proud to SEE his WYNWOOD filled with people out enjoying art and each other. Keep Flossing Boss!!! Shout out to my dude Daniel, aka L’il Wayne, aka Young Money (Watch the Throne, kid ;-) ) and to Grandma, Nobody Loves You!

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