I Think I’ve Been robbed: Did Shepard Fairey and Filmaker Jeffrey Durkin STEAL from New York Street Artist TMNK aka Nobody??

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First. Let’s be clear. I applaud and encourage all who use their energies to spread messages of peace and humanity. We all should engage and enlighten others the world, on how we each can make a difference.

That said…

Creating a commercial entity. Creating a film, dare I say a movie, a documentary that the premise is “Using street art as a weapon for peace…” Where said documentary filmmaker never contacts the founder of An International Art movement that has existed for over 4 years, with supporters worldwide, featured in countless magazines wearing the logo for said movement,. speaking at high Schools, mentoring youth, visiting nursing homes, USING ART AS A WEAPON not only to fight for PEACE, but TO EDUCATE, INSPIRE, AND TO GIVE BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY… some might call that, ummm lazy research.

When said film whose premise, seems to mimic the Life Story of a certain New York Street Artist that everybody except them seems to know about, and call their film project Art As A Weapon, and their logo a dripping assault rifle and the ART IS MY WEAPON Dripping asuualt weapon…well..

You know… I’m just a nobody. Maybe this is just all in my head. So I’ll let YOU, the public, the media. and possibly a few smart suited types with law degrees decide… ART AS A WEAPON vs. ART IS MY WEAPON… But frankly, I think I’ve been robbed! What Do you think?

A Certain NOBODY’s Style since early 2005

And Shepard Fairey From His May Day Show May 2010


Far From Conclusive, I Agree… Then There was a NOBODY, New York Street Artist   TMNK and ART Is My Weapon Creation for G40 Exhibit in March of 2010



And Then of Course Shepard Fairey a SOMEBODY, had his big MAY DAY show in MAY of 2010, guess what he showed…


And of course You ALL Know Our Art Is My Weapon Logo, The Bandana and The Shirts! right, and the countless supporters worldwide …


Soooooooo, Now Her comes this film  and the title is ART AS A WEAPON, featuring …. Shepard Fairey, and the logo and associated marketing materials…


Well Like I Said, What Do YOU THINK?



  • Liza November 24, 2011

    I say let’s keep the pressure on the filmmakers and Shepard.

    One time, I’d say coincidence. Twice…well, maybe. But three times, with the third time a direct, almost exact copy? No coincidence there.

    Shepard is a well known copier. Now, you know I’m all about FAKE! art because it’s what I do. But a genuine FAKE! always cites her sources. It is well know that all artists are influenced all the time. Fair enough. But Fairey steals. Everyone knows it. But this time he’s gone too far.

  • Barbara November 24, 2011

    I agree with Liza. Shepard Fairey is a talented artist, but his ideas are not always his own. Parallel thinking is one thing, but it happens too often in his case. He is more a corporation than an artist. We all know where ‘Art is my Weapon’ came from!

  • Steven A. Scroggins November 25, 2011

    my first thought was “God Knows” but even God don’t want us to be a CHUMP! I believe in YOU man and i know how hard we be workin… this just makes me sick, and even more determan that Ever! gotta use Wisdom to protect our action each day!
    somehow i believe this will all work out for YOUR GOOD!
    love ya my brother
    overwhelming Peace & Power 2 U

  • Jeff Katz November 25, 2011

    TMNK, it’s great hearing that we both believe in, and are fighting for similar causes. I’m so sorry our “working title” and logo turned out to be so similar to your logo, but I’m glad you pointed this out to us in such an early phase of this process. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and want you to know that this was completely unintentional on our part, and I sincerely apologize. I can assure you that this is true, as I was part of the brainstorming process, and unfortunately we weren’t aware of “Art is my Weapon” until you brought it to our attention. Shepard Fairey had nothing to do with our process of coming up with “Art as a Weapon,” or the gun logo, so this does seem to be a big coincidence. We’re trying to involve the community in helping us come up with our actual title, so it will definitely be changing. Our film is much more about the intersection of human rights, Buddhism, and art, rather than the title, or logo at this point, because those are temporary, and will be changing. We fully support your work, and hope to collaborate down the line.

  • admin November 25, 2011

    First. Mr Katz, I’m glad that someone from your organization/project has finally decided to speak up. Yet, it surprises and disappoints me that it’s YOU and not Jeffrey Durkin responding. It is after all he in your intro trailer that said it was “HIS” idea. And I emailed him directly. So, that he has not himself spoken for himself, his project, film, is LAME.

    His/Your Project CONTINUES to market itself under a name that causes confusion with, and dilutes and detracts, if not diminishes the impact of the ART IS MY WEAPON Brand and Movement. Your organization has not made any official apology on its website, nor has it discontinued using the logo which directly infringes on my copyright protected logo.

    In fact, YOUR, Kick Starter Appeal for funds, hawking poster, cd, and the likes, talks about street art, and gives the impression that the concept of linking ART AS A WEAPON for peace and Street Art began here.

    Your fund raising efforts under said LOGO/and Title could and would diminish an effect any fund raising my organization might do, as others might perceive that they already gave to us. Or that we were trying to profit off your name/image. These are very real considerations. The Whole fund raising aspect using the LOGO bothers me, as I have made it a practice to be more concerned with GIVING than using my logo as some sort of FUND RAISING Vehicle.

    I’m glad you understand my outrage. And while I’m more than happy to take any man at his word, the logo and marketing materials are professionally designed. SLICK. as is the website. So, If you and your team are “professional” in design, marketing, PR. Where is the professionalism now? You clearly realized that you have infringed. An infringement that cause confusion, dilution, and harm to the project/street art movement/and brand ART IS MY WEAPON.

    So it’s not so much what you plan to do down the line. WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO NOW. I’ve brought it to your attention. And Jeffrey Durkin nor Shepard Fairey has responded. YOU have.
    And, yet YOUR site still remains the same. So how is that Addressing the problem?

    Much like the peace process, ACTIONS speak much louder than words. YOU and your organization KNOW what the right thing, the professional thing to do. THIS AINT IT. This is more, though polite, Bullshit.

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  • Freedom of Speech is predicated on the idea that you might not like everything everyone says, but, that it’s important that they have the right to say it, because you wanna have the right to say what YOU want to say… – interesting quote from Shepard Fairey… in Breadtruck films kickstarter video…

    But on the BREADTruck film Facebook page, those that speak up and out against their blatant infringement on ART IS MY WEAPON have their comments deleted and are banned. I’m beginning to believe with Breadtruck films, it’s all about making a lot BREAD and using Art As A Weapon, and Street Art as The vehicle to make money.

    I believe the KickStarter idea was not even intended to make the $30K, great if it did, but to stir publicity and interest in your project. I believe you probably knew about me, and planned on how my expected reaction could be played, and further used to promote your project.

    I believe you know exactly how FUCKED up what you are doing is, and don’t care.

    Because if you did, much like your concern for the Burmese you would have DONE something to address this, immediately…

    I know from experience, polite words are easy to come by. Whats not easy is to find men and women of integrity who stand up and DO the right thing.

    BTW nicely composed PR/Lawyer type response. And The whole Logo designed by kids in Burmese orphanage, very moving. And my heart and my art goes out to them, as it does to all the innocent victims of senseless violence. But There are kids dying, being murdered right here in Brooklyn, Oakland, Chicago, right HERE in the US, and i’ve been using ART AS MY WEAPON to speak up and fight for ALL of them. So yes, I CARE about ALL the children of the word, and their suffering. And I care that a couple of slick filmmakers think that its okay to use a LOGO that infringes on an organization that they now know has been fighting for PEACE WORLDWIDE for over five years.

    I guess in the coming days I’ll discover by YOUR actions which is more important to you, your INTEGRITY or the BREAD you are trying to load into your TRUCK.

    Nobdody ©ARE$ – TMNK and ART IS MY WEAPON

  • Luís November 27, 2011

    Dera Mr. Jeff katz, If ever i have seen a Bulls”@t answer yours is the best of the best. How can you claim that you neves knew about ” Art is my weapon” and logo and through pure coincidence you guys and your team manage to come up “copy” both. I could still try and understand if you only managed to come up with one that is similar…… Enough said as Nobody says actions speak louder than words.

  • I’ve been BANNED, from commenting on BreadTruckfilms website

  • Danny Brody November 27, 2011

    Hire a lawyer, dude.

  • Susan December 10, 2011

    This is pure bullshit and DEFINITELY copyright infringement. GET A LAWYER! THIS IS AN EASY CASE!!!!!!

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