Love Never Fails. Love Stories Suck… Good Bye…2011



It’s been an amazing year, full wonderful new people and amazing experiences, as well as a year of some special personal accomplishments. Its also been a year of tremendous sadness, the end of my marriage, my son moving away. Still, I feel blessed to have known and shared…LOVE. ANd not just with my former wife, whom without I would have never known the joy of being Dad to my son “lil nobody.” I LOVE you Tammy, I hope you find the happiness you deserve.

As an artist I’ve made my journey this year about spreading love, I’ve tried to walk that talk as a man, I’ve fallen short of the mark on more than one occasion. Nobody’s perfect. But I have been trying my best to be a better me. I promise to do better next year. GOD I LOVE YOU for your patience.

And New York, I LOVE You and Your Graffiti and Street Art Fans for LOVING your bastard son, a NOBODY like me. (and for those who don’t LOVE/like ;-) me, I LOVE you for even noticing this NOBODY exists – made you look, and i LOVE that). To My friends in NORWAY, you know i LOVE you! Marte, Kjetil, Bjorge, Nora, Wheat Queen, I LOVE YOU! Goslar! Portugal! Hamburg! Luxembourg! France! Switzerland! Amsterdam! Rotterdam! Holland! DAMN! Italy! Miami! England! Brazil! To anyone and everyone anywhere around the world who took the time, even a moment to share in my art… I LOVE YOU.


Being a Street Artist, being NOBODY, has made me feel like “somebody” very special. If, we’ve crossed paths, I hope I took the time to make you feel special too, to give a little of that back. I hope I brought something special to the streets. After all, most times I was an uninvited guest. That’s why I tried to leave gifts that made you think, TAKE/GRAB/COLLECT smile, laugh, discuss, or react in anyway that brings about dialogue or change. Hopefully discovering nobody was “here” was an unexpected surprise, a song that you could’t get out of your head, that you grew to LOVE. :-)

And remember this “nobody” LOVES you, and LOVE NEVER FAILS!even though in my opinion Love Stories Suck… (but perhaps SOMEBODY will prove me wrong in 2012) Now that would be a Happy… um New Year! :-)

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