9-11 Anniversary: A Memorial from a NOBODY

Towers of Hope: 9-11 Memorial

Grief stricken from the events of 9-11, I created this painting and wrote these words to inspire hope instead of igniting or fanning the flames of hate. It was my hope that we would replace the fallen twin towers of the World Trade Center, with Towers of HOPE.


Towers of Hope

My world has been darkened by tragedy,
my eyes blinded by tears,
still i have hope.
i have hope that the love of mankind,
will prevail over the hate of unkind men.
i have hope that the humanity we found searching for survivors,
will survive once the searching is done.
i have hope that we’ll choose to donate blood,
rather than shed blood.
i have hope that my children, your children, and all of god’s children
will one day live in a world filled with peace.
i have hope, strengthened by an indestructible faith in god.
i will neither tremble nor crumble, because i have towers of hope.
- The Me Nobody Knows