NYC Street Artists Leave Tribute to Steve Jobs at Soho Apple Store





We saw the post-it note tributes being left for Steve Jobs, but let’s face it, what this man did during the course of his lifetime was BIG. He, and the products he created and inspired changed the game from the streets to the corporate streets, even to protesters #occupyingwallstreet! I son’t carry post-it notes around , so, I pulled out my sketchbook and left a quick tribute. But later the same night a group of us stumbled on a large piece of plywood/particle board being thrown away. And interestingly none us claimed it as our own, almost instinctively we all agreed that it would make a great tribute piece to leave  to honor Steve Jobs.  We respect both his genius, his hustle, and  even his corporate gangsta aka what we call “Street Smarts.”  So from AVONE, Leghead, Photographer Jay Gittens, and this NOBODY who cares… Thank you for creating a product, a company, and a culture that forced the world to THINK DIFFERENT.  - From The Streets to the Corporate Suites, RESPECT. – TMNK