A Nobody Will Be Amongst The Well-Heeled @ Art Basel Miami 2011


I’m honored to be in the company of distinguished artists and NYC street comrades Fumero, Army of One,  as well as my brothas Bad Panda and Pixel Pancho.

Separated At Birth: Two Artists That Care


One calls himself “ARMY OF ONE” the other calls himself a “NOBODY” aka TMNK, as New York Street Artists both have brought a message of caring about peace and humanity to the streets via their art. And their message is clear, they will relentlessly create and deploy WMD, Weapons of Mass Disruption. That is they will continue to use are to provoke discussion and change, and will be relentless in that effort until there are no more children dying senslessly. Nobody + Army of One = Two Street Soldiers fighting for peace, aka until there are NONE – TMNK

Lip Service



Leave it to a NOBODY like me to alter the face of street art (wink). Why should it be all about getting up, having YOUR work seen, promoted, discovered in the streets? Where’s the fun for people like YOU?

So, enough with the “Lip Service” about Street Art being for EVERYONE. These Iconic lip stickers have been given out, and are begining to appear in the strangest places, and creating some very interesting Visages.



With a quick slap, a new face is born, and yet a New STREET ARTIST created…YOU. (want some LIPS? Hollar)

And don’t forget Send Us your sightings/creations. (shhh your secrets safe with me, nobody will ever know).