Off to Norway




Not me silly. Rocketman, a mini-sculpture done with scluptey, wire and circuit board , has been purchased by a collector in Norway. Up, up and away. (to infinity and beyond). – LOL – TMNK

Today: Perfect Day For A Shopping Spree



As I sat, I painted, and pondered the seemingly insatiable appetite to shop, for things unneeded but wanted.


Imagine the ultimate sale, where everything is 100% off. For those who love to shop, this fantasy perhaps would be the “Crème de la Crème” of shopping sprees. And while some would worry what to wear for the quintessential shopping experience, a few wouldn’t even bother to dress at all. – TMNK

Cobwebs In My Window



Cobwebs In My Window</strong> (mixed media, wire and oxidized iron on masonite 12″ x 12″ approx.) 

Cobwebs in my window, barbed wire on my fence. My mind weary from the overwhelming quantity of negative events I’m exposed to on a daily basis. The power to be and think positive comes from within, yet I must protect my mind and spirit from these draining negative forces. I must protect my mind, from limiting beliefs. And with a heart so full of love, I must not allow a barbed wire fence to be erected around my soul.


Yes, these are difficult times, still I must challenge myself to look to the future with hope, to clear my mind, and remove the cobwebs from my windows. – TMNK <strong>Cobwebs In My Window

A Few Nobodys + Somebody Special = Street HE(ART)



Street Art is about, or in my opinion SHOULD be about  sharing your HE(ART) with the people. Artists (and entertainers) have the rare ability/gift to make people forget their problems and to create “new” pictures of happiness and hope, even if momentarily. 



That’s what I LOVE most about being a “so-called” street artist, meeting new people and making them smile. Well this weekend, I was fortunate to meet a few “NOBODY’s” as well as hanging with some very special somebodies (my family and Damon Wayan’s). Actor/Comedian Damon Wayans known for tickling funny-bones with his jokes, stopped by and tickled my son’s bare feet. 



There is so much sadness in the world, it’s important to take time to smile and laugh, and enjoy the people god has placed in your path.

Damien Hirst Does Skateboard Decks?


Yup, seems he’s got a deal with Supreme. check it out.

I Have ONE WORD for all you Twitter Followers!


It’s an art project, and it will be an exhibition and a book.
How many different ways could, would, 10,000 people interpret ONE WORD?

Nobody Knows – TMNK




Arising early each day, I reflect, and it all seems so clear. Can you read my mind? 

Thinking Of YOU


Thinking of you - Liza Cowan

Thinking of you - Liza Cowan

I’ve been so fortunate in my journey as an artist to have many of you thinking of me. Supporting me. So this morning I began my day thinking of YOU. One of you is a gallery owner in Vermont, who fell in love with my work, and has since promoted it as if it were her very own, Nobody Loves YOU Liza. Another of YOU is a teacher, in Canada, purchasing my work on a regular basis, and each purchase has helped me meet my family obligations, Thanks Barbara.  And some of you are my TWEETS, if I knew you personally you’d be my Peeps. But you encounterd my work rather randomly, through the wonders of the internet and social media, and chose to adopt and love a NOBODY like me. So T.KEYNE FYE, GUERILLAMILK, sablikatriumph,