NYC Street Artist Banned in the USA


It’s true. It seems that BreadTruck films has a different attitude about respecting FREEDOM of SPEECH and DEMOCRACY, when it comes to people using their voice and their free speech to express views that dissent from theirs. When people  speak out to criticize or condemn THEM (Breadtruckfilms and Jeffrey Durkin) for stealing THE ART IS MY WEAPON LOGO and concept of combining, using street art as a weapon for PEACE (something we’ve been doing for the past 5yrs.) their accounts are Blocked or banned, their comments deleted. YET, In their own video promotion, Shepard Fairey had this to say:

“…Freedom of Speech is predicated on the idea that you might not like everything everyone says, but, that it’s important that they have the right to say it, because you wanna have the right to say what YOU want to say…” - Shepard Fairey

Over the years, I have had many people disagree with me, call me names, insult and be disrespectful towards me, even threaten me on my blog and on Facebook. And I have NEVER BANNED, dropped as a FB friend, or deleted the comments of a dissenting opinion or the writer thereof. I believe that peole will see the truth, and i am not afraid of an open discussion or debate. After all what is the purpose of working towards, and acquiring FREEDOM, only to be prohibited from fully exercising it.

They have a word for it when the people are force fed ideas, forced to subscribe, and that those that dissent are banned, blocked their voices crushed – TYRANNY.


I spoke out against what I felt was an injustice against me and the Peace Movement, I created founded, ART IS MY WEAPON. I voiced my disagreement, openly, respectfully, honestly, and backed by factual substantiation and I was subsequently blocked, and banned from leaving further comments. I felt that this company had stolen my logo, infringed on my copyright protected logo for their own purposes. The comments I left were deleted. As has been the case with others who went to the Breadtruck films FB page to voice their opinions…

So Let me be clear, CRYSTAL Clear to anyone reading this…


It’s NOT a Movie. It’s not a Fundraiser. It’s not a publicity stunt. IT”S MY LIFE, and I walk the talk EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE.


I may be just some NOBODY to you. But my voice and the voices of other so-called “Nobody’s matter.  But, since they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m just gonna let the TRUTH speak for itself. Hell even Ray Charles can see what’s going on here:

So Above you’ll see the Logo in Question , and the associated film project. But like I said, ART IS MY WEAPON is more than a movie, IT”S MY LIFE.







I Think I’ve Been robbed: Did Shepard Fairey and Filmaker Jeffrey Durkin STEAL from New York Street Artist TMNK aka Nobody??

Screen shot 2011-11-24 at 8.32.49 PM

First. Let’s be clear. I applaud and encourage all who use their energies to spread messages of peace and humanity. We all should engage and enlighten others the world, on how we each can make a difference.

That said…

Creating a commercial entity. Creating a film, dare I say a movie, a documentary that the premise is “Using street art as a weapon for peace…” Where said documentary filmmaker never contacts the founder of An International Art movement that has existed for over 4 years, with supporters worldwide, featured in countless magazines wearing the logo for said movement,. speaking at high Schools, mentoring youth, visiting nursing homes, USING ART AS A WEAPON not only to fight for PEACE, but TO EDUCATE, INSPIRE, AND TO GIVE BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY… some might call that, ummm lazy research.

When said film whose premise, seems to mimic the Life Story of a certain New York Street Artist that everybody except them seems to know about, and call their film project Art As A Weapon, and their logo a dripping assault rifle and the ART IS MY WEAPON Dripping asuualt weapon…well..

You know… I’m just a nobody. Maybe this is just all in my head. So I’ll let YOU, the public, the media. and possibly a few smart suited types with law degrees decide… ART AS A WEAPON vs. ART IS MY WEAPON… But frankly, I think I’ve been robbed! What Do you think?

A Certain NOBODY’s Style since early 2005

And Shepard Fairey From His May Day Show May 2010


Far From Conclusive, I Agree… Then There was a NOBODY, New York Street Artist   TMNK and ART Is My Weapon Creation for G40 Exhibit in March of 2010



And Then of Course Shepard Fairey a SOMEBODY, had his big MAY DAY show in MAY of 2010, guess what he showed…


And of course You ALL Know Our Art Is My Weapon Logo, The Bandana and The Shirts! right, and the countless supporters worldwide …


Soooooooo, Now Her comes this film  and the title is ART AS A WEAPON, featuring …. Shepard Fairey, and the logo and associated marketing materials…


Well Like I Said, What Do YOU THINK?