Miami’s Graffiti/Street Art Game is So Gangsta!


Miami has street art on SMASH!!! And just when you think you’ve seen the illest piece ever, you walk around the block and there’s something better.

Here’s a Pre-Art Basel Look at some of the Cool Art in The Streets of Miami – Pick Your Favorite(s):



Nobody’s Caring Ways Spotted in Miami


Yup, Art Basel is coming, and I’m in the streets H.A.M. making sure my voice is part of the street choir that is taking over Miami’s Wynwood District.


This piece is for all those whose communities are plagued with gun violence and the senseless deaths that accompany it.

To cure our communities of the violent rage poisoning our children, its going to not only take the courage and conviction of our politicians and  civic leaders, but the people who live within these communities as well. WARNING!!! One day it mighyt be someone YOU love and cherish taken from you by this senseless B.S. #imjustsaying…

Nobody Prepares For Miami Art Basel Attack





In just over two weeks, the annual mega ArtFest known as Art Basel will take place agin in Miami. And once again  this NOBODY, is taking aim at art lovers and collectors, and is making plans for a special presentation of his art. Ready Aim. Fire! Nobody’s gonna get ya!

A Nobody Will Be Amongst The Well-Heeled @ Art Basel Miami 2011


I’m honored to be in the company of distinguished artists and NYC street comrades Fumero, Army of One,  as well as my brothas Bad Panda and Pixel Pancho.

Just Me and My Bitch


Okay….Bound to offend some with that one. Then, how about this, I’m in MIAMI BITCH! ;-) as in everywHERE YOU wanna be.

Street Art Face Time 5.0 App to GO Big







Sorry, couldn’t let JR and my boyeee AVONE have all the fun. I call it Face Time 5.0 Had to show that this Nobody knows a thing or too about going BIG. ;-) My newest installation redefines FACE TIME, and proves that this nobody is everywHERE.

BTW, those trying to ELIMINATE or IMITATE my “Street Art “Swag”, sorry “There’s No App for that.” You just gotta get up, relentlessly. So be advised “This NOBODY is gonna be all up in YOUR FACE.

Art is my weapon. Bang. Bang. Bang, baby.







Black Banksy? New York Street Artist Makes His Voice Heard INSIDE Art Basel Switzerland



Some say we pulled a Banksy, others are now referring to me as the “Black Banksy,” LOL. Still, just a NOBODY. But let’s just say this sober international art fair needed a wake up call, and team TMNK and a certain so-called NOBODY were their alarm clock. WIth artists like  Ai Wei We making the supreme sacrifice of freedom, and perhaps his life to express oneself, how could you think I’d be quite. Business As usual? The SAMO SAMO? I think not. Apparently several installations by the New York Street artist who referred to as “Nobody” were installed during operating hours. One Basel official, a local police officer , posed for a celebratory photo afterwards.


Yo’ Art Basel. The writing is on the wall street art, and artists like myself are a new force to be reckoned with. Our  relentless and rebellious voices neither seek nor ask permission. And while some have chosen to Exit through the gift shop, nobody’s like myself are kicking in the back door, and getting in, with or without your permission.


* Addicted to the Streets current Exhibition at Hansum Gallery, Tranøy Norway




Yo’ Art Basel: On some REAL shit, This is some BULLSHIT.


SMH…LOL…LMAO!!! (this was some bullshit!…For real)

First, Art Basel Switzerland is an amazing event. I have seen some incredible works of art, met some wonderful people, collectors, dealers and artists.  And the town of Basel, OMG – I’m in love. But, I must keep it real with you. THIS is some Bullshit, and quite frankly  an embarrassment. That the world’s greatest stage for art could allow this to happen, SMH, SOMEBODY had to say something, even if it’s a nobody like me.

1) Where’s the LOVE (of art and artists) as the struggling/up and coming artist is not allowed to promote his/her art outside  the fair. Security was summoned for handing out a post card. – COME ON!

2) Here  is THERE shit. Now Peep OUR SHIT. That this SHIT is inside and we’re on the outside is some BULLSHIT. and that’s just some REAL shit.

3) ANd  last night I attended the Art Party on the Barge, complete with sculptures? Yo’ B. Are you SERIOUS? The world’s greatest art venue, The Madison Square Garden of Art, and y’all served this BULLSHIT? again SMH. I was so tempted to tag it, but see, I even showed this BS a l’il love. CAUSE this NOBODY CARE$.

I’m Not a Star: Yet NYC Street Artist is Drawing International Attention At Art Basel


To paraphrase, Rick Ross and his new hit single… “I’m not a star, SOMEBODY Lied, I got a marker in my pocket….” And it’s true, I’M NOT A STAR…, I’m just a nobody who wasn’t even allowed in the gift shop, so i entered through the back door…on some Frank Sinatra ish, doing it my way.

And doing it his way seems to be working, as the artist known as TMNK aka NOBODY, continues to make noise on the international art stage.

Spread the word via Twitter and Facebook, NOBODY is not a star, but he’s coming to Art Basel. in fact, NOBODY is everywHERE. ;-)

An Army That Gives A F#%K!

Imagine A World Where We All Give A F#%K!

Imagine A World Where We All Give A F#%K!

And all over the world we’re STICKING together. NYC Street Artist TMNK is at it again. Enlisting and deploying a worlwide army to alert the world of a serious situation, Nobody Gives A F#%K! Hello.

Fall In! Hit us up with your address to be issued your ARTillery.

Plus, have some fun, win some original art.

Prizes for photos of NGAF sticker use:

1) Most Creative Use

2) Sexiest Sticker Deployment (18 and over of course)

3) Best Street Slap/Deployment

- Let’s Go!