Amazing Plane Stories…



True stories, amazingácoincidences.áI was returning from Portugal when I met a beautiful woman who digs my art. It seems my new friend was returning home to Venezuela, from Mozambique (where she had been teaching, and has plans of opening a school), when we had our chance meeting at the airport. We both got stopped at security, me for my skateboard, and her…some kind of passport mix up :-) .

So we chatted. had some coffee, exchanged info and promised to stay in touch. I headed back to the streets of NYC, and she headed back to Venezuela. A month later, I jet back to Miami to get my Art Basel on. And for kicks, I decide to upgrade to first class (You never know who you might meet, right). Well, I met an interesting man who deals in art and antiquities, go figure. So we chatted the whole flight about art, and Art Basel. á So, beautiful woman, influential connected, and damn nice art guy. I’d probably never see them again right? Like what are the chances that these “new friends” would be in Miami at the same time that I’m there, let alone be at my exhibit…right?

WRONG. I’m nobody, and most who read my blog already know, I believe ANYTHING is possible. And, I guess I’m just lucky, very. Arron, the gentleman from the plane that I sat in first class with, turned out to be the president of Eostone, Eostone was exhibiting with O-Cinema for Art Basel. We were sharing the same address, the same venue. And as for the beautiful damsel in distress, I met returning from Portugal, guess who was a surprise guest at my Art Basel Exhibit? Yup, flew in from Venezuela, and just happened to be in Miami during my exhibit ;-) . Amazing. Speaking of which, that’s exactly how she looked modeling this dress made of clothespins for me. How’s it hang’n? Pretty damn good if you ask me. Thanks so much for coming thru, and what a joy to meet her Moms and her Sister.

Oh, did I mention. I had flown to Miami a couple of weeks prior to Art Basel to meet with Cricket Taplin from the Taplin collection, and owner of the Sagamore hotel with her husband . áAnd to secure a venue for my exhibit. So, as I’m charging my phone, waiting to board the plane to attend my first Art Basel, someone says “What’s up Nobody.” Huh, a guy walks toward me an introduces himself to me… He’ Cricket Taplin’s son.

Don’t you dare pinch me. You just let me keep right on dreaming. :-)

Have You Seen The Love Doctor


I have have (wink). Want an appointment?

It’s The Shoes?



Some think it’s the bandana, or perhaps clever marketing. LOL. Don’t believe the hype. Actually it’s relentless hard work, mixed with a little bit of talent, and very thick skin. In other words, I’m a NOBODY that’s bust’n his ass everyday, trying to be somebody.

Long before I posed for any pictures at Art Basel I had to:

1. Create the art – No Smoke, No mirrors, no little studio elves.

2. Ship the art.

3. Design promo cards and banner.

4. Update Blog posts and create online Exhibition

5. Photograph, catalog and price artwork

6. Scout, negotiate, book exhibition space

7. Make travel arrangements

8. Unpack, hang and install the art

9. Promote/market the exhibition

10. Sell the Art

11. Get busy in the streets

12. Side step haters and nay sayers

13. Make is look easy, and look good doing it.

14. Pull Bandana up, Take a áfew pictures.

15. Start all over again…Never quit…

More WALL TALK from Miami







So many Walls in Wynwood, so little time…I’ll be back!

Beauty and The Streets at the 9th Annual Sagamore Hotel Brunch


Water Ballet Performance

TMNK and Cricket Taplin

Samara and TMNK

One of the most memorable highlights of my first Art Basel, was being a special guest at Cricket Taplin’s famed Sagamore Hotel Brunch. Located on Miami’s South Beach, the Sagamore Hotel host’s the Taplin Collection which itself alone is worth the visit, not to mention the amazing decor both inside and out. The brunch featured delicious food, and a water ballet performance beneath a blanket of sunshine. But for me, the real treat was being up close and personal with the beautiful, and amazingly gracious Cricket Taplin and her equally captivating assistant (and talented artist) Samara. We’re working on a special project to bring the “Streets of New York” to Miami Beach and The Sagamore Hotel early next year, so stay tuned…

Click here to see more Art Basel highlight photos provided by World red Eye.

Arts for Learning Gives Street Artist A Lesson


The BEST part of Art Basel for TMNK was sharing the exhibition with talented local artists from the Arts for Learning Program, whose works he will be featuring periodically on the blog here. One of those artist was Dontae. It really was special for me sharing my Art Basel debut with him. An artistic first for us both. It reminded me…The importance of sharing the walls…

Vivian, at O-Cinema had shared her walls with me (Thank You)…

And sharing the walls with Dontae, and Arts for Learning, well the credit goes to Cricket Taplin, Sheila Womble, and Christine Koenig. There caring for arts and artists goes way beyond the gallery walls – real talk. Real walk. Thank you all for this amazing experience. I learned something very valuable about SHARING WALLS from my experience with Dontae and our special guest Artist Sean Ritchwood.

Together we elevate.


Art Basel and The Power of Giving A F#%K!



Yeah I’m a street artist. But for me it’s not about the walls big or small. It’s about crafting, creating a painting, art, a message that moves, touches, and perhaps transforms people. Yeah, I may be a NOBODY…but like many of you, I GIVE A F#%K! ´┐Żabout: ART, PEACE, HUMANITY, RELENTLESS DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED, and of course about THE KIDS. Each day, each of us has the power to make a difference in SOMEBODY’S life that could change the world. Dollars make sense, but Giving a F#%K! is a priceless work of HE(ART)! – TMNK

Street Art Protection Service


I’m just doing my job. Miami and Worldwide. I will always Give A F#%k!

Making News At Art Basel


Thanks to O-Cinema, for helping a NOBODY like me get the attention of the world.

Bringing Out All The Weapons At Art Basel



Gavi, an intern at O-Cinema in Miami, applied for and became TEAM TMNK’s production assistant here for Art Basel. Scheduling, email lists, order tracking, coordinating, strategizing, she did it all. WE, I, were lucky to have her holding us down. Beautiful, Smart, and Hard working. Just thought you should know, even if Nobody Gives a F#%K! :-) And by the way SOMEBODY knows just how lucky he is…Don’t YOU (wink).! – TMNK