They Came, They Saw, They Collected


And several sales and hours later, the show is now half sold out. And the opening is tomorrow.



Had a wonderful chance meeting with Wynwood Arts Matriarch Bernice Steinbaum. Gracious warm, and full of fun. And I love her marketing campaign “I love B.S.” After our brief intro I know I do. Mwwwwwwuuuuuaaaah! Nobody Loves YOU Bernice! – TMNK

Going, Going, Going Well at Art Basel

I was still cleaning up when several people started to come in. Disheveled (what else is new), I tried to pull myself together and share my he(art). Three hours later half the show was sold out!!!

Thank you all for your interest in my work. I’ll write more after I take a shower.

Somebody is Acting All Stuck Up!



At The Wynwood Walls, and The Stuck up installation doing some installs of my own.

I Really Do



Give a F#%K! And while some may think it’s impossible to change the world. I believe every action flips in the cosmos with a reverberating reaction. So, I kicked my dude some small change, hoping I made a small change in his day. Sometimes more than the money, it feels good just to know SOMEBODY gives a f#%K! – TMNK

Art Basel: Let the Games Begin


Things are just getting started in Miami…ICU ;-)

Eye to eye


Seems Ernest and TMNK see eye to eye. (wink)

I Believe In You – Thank YOU!

30" x 40" acrylic, enamel, screenprint on canvas

Eye Believe In You 30" x 40" acrylic, enamel, screenprint on canvas

So, I’m sitting here reflecting like many today, with gratitude. There is so much, so many, to list. But I do know WHAT I am most grateful for, besides family and good health, it is that so many of  you said to me via your support of my art, “I Believe In YOU.” Each of us should have somebody occasionally leaning over our shoulder and saying, “I Believe In You, keep going.” THANK YOU.

Value System…What’s In Your Wallet?



What’s In Your Wallet?” Capital One has been asking that question since 2005 via their tag line. Well I have a tagline, “Nobody Gives A F#%K!” what’s in your wallet  However, I do care about what’s in your HE(ART) and your soul, because the impact of what we find there can change lives.

Value Systems, I confront them and assault them daily. Art (and in this case an ipad) is my weapon. (wink) .

Yo! Art Basel Miami, the streets of New York is coming…open wide.

What do YOU give a F#%k about?!



For some people art is just investment – I don’t give a f#%k about them! They believe in the almigthy art market and their taste in art is determined by auction results – I don’t give a f#%k about that!

What about YOU?! What do YOU think?

Art is about getting people connected, it’s about get them talking! If Streetart still has one problem it is the question of how to get people involved and give them a chance to participate. On one hand everybody’s talking about bringing the art to the people, which means to the streets… On the other hand some artists only think of them as an audience but this way of thinking is close to what they wanted to fight in the early days.

But as you know – NOBODY cares! So raise your voice as there is an artist in all of us although we might use different media *wink*…

NOBODY wants to get the walls speaking and this is how to become part of it:

  • Just send a mail to using the following header: “Nobody gives a fuck about…”
  • In short: Let us know what ever you give or don’t give a fuck about. (In one sentence)
  • Add a photo which shows you giving the birds!

As for the results of this little campaign… Keep your eyes and ears open *wink*…

BTW here is what Banksy once said about fame: “The time of getting fame for your name on its own is over. Artwork that is only about wanting to be famous will never make you famous. Any fame is a by-product of making something that means something. You don’t go to a restaurant and order a meal because you want to have a shit!

As you can easily see it’s about quality and having a message – Spread the word and let people know: Art is our weapon!