Our HE(ART) goes out to: Jesus Saves



We recently learned that JESUS SAVES, the New York artists that uses the street as his canvas was experiencing some legal difficulties.

AVONE of Destroy Rebuild NYC, had the idea to  organizie a grassroots campaign/fundraiser by artists to help with his legal fees.

Each of the artists below have agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds of their auction toward JESUS SAVES legal expense. Thus Far artists Col, Matt Siren, TMNK and AVONE  have donated original paintings in support of their friend.

We hope you will too. Please check out the art below being auctioned.


All bids start at $200 – check the auctions below…

Col, untitled –

Matt Siren + AVONE Collaboration

AVONE + TMNK COllaboration

From Ebay to Christie’s?




That’s what I pondered as I spent the afternoon peeping the Post War Contemporary Art at Christie’s today. One day right? Hundred’s of thousands? Millions? Going once, going twice, sold to the gentleman from Japan for 2.5 Million. :-)

It was cool hang’n out with the big league art auction set, and shouts to one of my collectors, PB for inviting me to join him.

Andy, Basquiat, I’m coming to join yall baby. Yo Christie’s, hollar at your boyyyeeee. – TMNK