Norwegian Curator Arrives to Scout NYC Street Art


Norwegian art curator Marte Jettestad, who works closely with Gallerie Galleberg in Norway and was largely responsible for the successful “Urban Derivative” exhibit held there, arrived yesterday and was spotted in soho near the Candy Factory. Rumor has it that she’s working with Gallerie Galleberg on an exhibit next year that will include New York Street Art, and that she is here scouting out talent for inclussion. Hmmmm.

One lucky artist was selected yesterday after a visit to Soho 355. New York Street Artist Leghead was one of the first artist selected. One of his collabo’s with TMNK was immediately and excitedly selected by Ms. Jettestad as she toured SoHo 355.

Were excited that Ms. Jettestad has made an appointment to visit our studio during her visit, and several pieces have already pre-sold. cool.