OMG. A Street Art Present For Baby Jesus in NYC


For Christ sake it’s Christmas, (okay it was Christmas eve.) Still, why would New York Street Artist TMNK aka NOBODY tag a Nativity Scene? Why? So they would KNOW Love. After all isn’t that why the religious say the Christ child came in the first place? So that we would know magnificence of God’s LOVE? So that we would KNOW and show LOVE to each other, that same beautiful LOVE God shows us? And NOT the commercial bullshit its become? Exactly. In fact i remember Jesus “wilding out” himself. Although personally, I think the whole flipping tables in the bazaar at the church incident was overblown.

So vandalise a nativity scene? Oh God no. I don’t think so. I’m a messenger for the lawd. Better yet, it’a a Birthday Gift. ;-)

Yeah, that’s It, It’s a Birthday Gift! It’s the birthday present for the kid who has everything. I mean he’s the son of GOD. Ferrari? He has 18 of them. Mansions, lost count. But the one gift we could give Jesus Christ, that would have him feeling like L’il Wayne, Jay Z, Kanye West all rolled into one, aka a SUPERSTAR, is LOVE. If we LOVED each other the way GOD, and his son loved us…well the heavens would just burst with joy… SOoooo, it’s not so much as i “tagged” the nativity scene, as I left a gift for the lord, and a reminder for all of us. This Day ain’t about the money, the shopping, or the gifts. It’s about LOVE.
And Baby Jesus, the christ child? He was what some might call the original BABY LOVE. Yeah…

Well, Today is the day! It’s my dude’s son’s birthday. And I plan on giving his son one Helluva party. See I ain’t religious, one damn bit. But I do believe in, and love GOD, the awesome Chief Creative Director who created me. (and imho one of his BEST productions to date, :-) So if what his kid wants for his birthday is LOVE, and MORE LOVE in the world. Yo’ G I got you! And you already know, I got nothing but LOVE for you and yours.

‘Cause. NOBODY CARE$ -ya dig. amen.