Shit Happens



Shit, Shinola, and Sandpaper – 30″ x 40″ x 2.5″ - mixed media and screenprint on canvas (a TMNK + Destroy Rebuild Collabo!)

In other words, life is not always a box of cherries. Sometimes we all have to deal with unnecessary crap (and our share of crappy people). You just got to do your best to keep it mov’n – forward. Believe me, I know it can be rough at times. In fact,  there is always going to be a certain amount of bullshit to deal with in our life. That’s what makes persevering, overcoming, and arriving successfully at your destination so sweet.

Mr. Brainwash + TMNK the Collabo



Madonna Statue Of Liberty and Power – Mixed Media Collage & Rust on Canvas 24″ x 36″

How appropriate, the dude that “appropriates/borrows” get’s buffed by a nobody like me. (wink) What, you think I was gonna wait around and ASK him to do a collaboration wit me. GTFOH, sure we’re both streets artists, but he’s MR. BRAINWASH, and I’m….  Damn, if I only had a brain, I’d be somebody. LOL

They’re At It Again

Yup, the two friends and creative co-conspirators are dropping Collaborations. Rumor has it that AVONE and TMNK are doing the damn thang again, Dropping COLLABOS! YUP, and THEY dropped this Exclusive I’m The People (remix), ON THE PEOPLE  yesterday.

A New Collaborative Effort



I’m lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of today’s leading contemporary artists, my favorite being my son. He proudly calls this one, Wedding Day.

Pastor Possum: it’s a collabo yo


I was honored that a talented writer suggest the use  of his stories/poems for a series of new paintings. The writer is Dion Pincus, and this the first of a series of collaborations between writer and artist.



PASTOR POSSUM -mixed media on masonite 18″ x24″

PASTOR POSSUM – by Dion Pincus
As Pastor Possum preached the seven seals to his rapt congregation,
the seven seals were seven meals, enough to stuff your face in;
the seven meals had seven courses, and each of them in the room
who’d join to table in Possum heaven, was guaranteed seven spoons.
But each spoon h ad seven spots, and dish detergent costs,
so each seventh day of each July each parishioner had to toss
in seven hundred dollars cash, in seven easy payments,
to the Pastor Possum Clean Spoon Fund.  No dough, no go.  Amen.



Dion Pincus is an artist/writer living with his wife and daughter in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The Tinytown poems are a series of snapshots of contemporary American culture; a Spoon River Anthology for the living.  Senior Editor of the New York Quarterly Poetry Review for 15 years, he has published poetry in literary journals and short fiction under his Manticore Press imprint, and is currently Director of The Writing Center at QCC/CUNY.  A collection of his short fiction, when the day is hot / and the room is hard / and the lonliness is unbearable will be published in 2010 by Xlibris. 

I Have ONE WORD for all you Twitter Followers!


It’s an art project, and it will be an exhibition and a book.
How many different ways could, would, 10,000 people interpret ONE WORD?

Nobody Knows – TMNK