My New Home



Amazing isn’t. Should be finished in a few months. This has been the cumulation of years of hard work. A dream come true. It’s really an interesting story. First thing, the  whole Oprah and Nobody thing was never going to work, she’s never at home, and I like lots of attention and affection. So, into my life walks this amazingly smart, independent, beautiful woman who… well, she just had to have me.



It’s true. She’s building a custom spot to chill in Florida, and wanted me to join her there. (Well not literally – Damn, some of yall won’t even allow a nobody  like me his fantasies). Okay, actually its not ME she wanted, but one of my original paintings. I was commissioned to create something special for her new beachside retreat.


Alas, while my work will be hanging out with this independent lady, Nobody will be right here in the streets of New York City.

Who Loves You Baby?




It seems a certain collector wants to make a point that he LOVES his TMNK art (The Price of Being – Harley Davidson Commission). awwwww. Well, I LOVE YOU, you love me, we’re a great big family…aka NOBODY LOVES YOU BABY!!! Thanks so much for the cool photo!

BTW- Yes, I do commissions – (They take about two weeks, so get your request in early)

Harley Davidson Commission: THE PRICE OF BEING







The Price of Being

It has been anything but free,


My Thoughts,

My Art,

My Voice,

My life.

Others have paid more.

Yet, I have paid dearly.

At night,


I’ve tried.

I’ve Died.

I’ve cried.

I have not, nor will I ever.

I refuse to quit.

I am somebody too. – TMNK

A Little Help



A Little Help - A Diptych composed of two 18″ x 24″ canvases – SOLD

Truth is, we all need a little help from time to time. THANK YOU! – TMNK

En La Casa: Home at Last


Welcome to the family! My Boom Box was hung in its new home yesterday. And quicker than you could say “Hey DJ”, its transformative powers began to affect its new owners (wink).

Can You Feel The Love?



Forever Brothers – (mixed media on canvas 30″ x 40″) – commissioned


Brotherly Love. That special love, bond shared between to brothers, even after one of them has gone on. I was so very honored to be asked to create a painting to memorialize this love for a collector. It’s entitled “FOREVER BROTHERS.” And they are. The special memories they shared will never fade, and will forever live on inside my collector.


I hope captured, expressed some of the essence, beauty of their very special relationship.I hope Steve can, Can YOU feel the love. – TMNK

Thoughts of A Brother’s Love




I’m up  late thinking about the love two brother’s shared as I work on this very special commission. Don’t see it yet? I do. Their love for each other deep, special, full of meaning. And so it is into the early quiet hours while the world sleeps, thoughts stir, and I paint. – TMNK

Commission Me




Want me to take your story, a special experience in your life and transform it into a unique one-of-a-kind TMNK painting?

Cool. That’s what I’m doing right now for a few collectors, (Yours should be finished next week Steve – wink). They can take me anywhere from a week to two weeks, so plan ahead.  - TMNK