This NOBODY Really Does Care






New York Street Artist TMNK, has been associated with the street tag “NOBODY CARE$,” but does he really. Well, just ask the kids at the Cook Center Academy at�MacDougal Street in NYC, where �the New York Street Artist paid a surprise visit, and left his tag on the hearts and and minds of the students that he spoke too. And although Cook Center Academy is considered a school for children with disabilities, TMNK’s message to them was that they were more or less different or special than any other kids, and that they could do anything they put their mind to.

Nobody gave the kids T-shirts and bandannas with is message, ART IS MY WEAPON. Inviting them to use creative expression as a weapon for change in their lives, communities. One of the students, JR, a talented aspiring Graffiti/Street Artist was given a special gift from TMNK’s recent �Modern Urbanisms exhibit, valued at $1000.

The biggest gift of the day, is the one the kids gave him, the smile on his face and inside his heart and the knowledge that giving a little of his time may have made a BIG difference in their lives. Priceless.