Masik is Hot!




While it’s been difficult for me to get around and see a lot of the art, trying to hold down my own thang, I ventured down the street and ran into a kindred soul. Artist Pamela Masik from Vancouver. Masik is hot, and her work is on fire too! (tmnk)

Nobody Gives a F#%k! About the Kids!


Actually, O-Cinema and New York Street Artist  TMNK DO give a F#%K! So for the Saturday opening reception for his Art Basel Exhibition “Nobody Gives A F#%K!” the sold paintings have been taken off the wall, and replaced with the work of young artist from the community. TMNK and O-Cinema have partnered with Arts for Learning to offer young artists the chance to have the Art Basel limelight on their creations.

While the SOMEBODY’S were working on walls throughout the Wynwood arts district, these young artists were working in their studios creating art for this special exhibit.

Nobody Gives a F#%k! I know, pretty profane, but to NOT give a F#%K about inspiring and encouraging young artists would be even more profane.

If you’re in Miami Tonight, December 3, 90 NW 29th Street 6-10 COme Thru!

Out and About in Wynwood


Its going on in Miami, the streets, the clubs, everything and everybody is BUzzzzing ART! ME? I’ve been busy trying to do me…All by myself (with a little help from my friends Mike and Gavi). So, it’s really been hard to find time to get out and actually SEE Art Basel. I’ve been busy trying to BE ART BASEL.

Then I came down with this awful cold. SNEEZE, weeze, drip, Cough… actually NOBODY GIVES A F#%K!
So let me show you a bit of what I’m seeing…ENJOY!




Cool, and If I feel better, hmmm maybe I’ll get out and about and play in the streets too! :-) ahhh Nobody Gives A F#%K!

TMNK Opens Tonight at Art Basel


We know, there is so much great art at Art Basel, but it seems there is one artist that “Nobody Gives a F#%K! about, and you probably shouldn’t miss. New York Street Artist TMNK

    aka Nobody, will have his Opening receptions for his exhibition December TONiTE, 6pm – 10pm, 90 NW 29th Street



Had a wonderful chance meeting with Wynwood Arts Matriarch Bernice Steinbaum. Gracious warm, and full of fun. And I love her marketing campaign “I love B.S.” After our brief intro I know I do. Mwwwwwwuuuuuaaaah! Nobody Loves YOU Bernice! – TMNK

Going, Going, Going Well at Art Basel

I was still cleaning up when several people started to come in. Disheveled (what else is new), I tried to pull myself together and share my he(art). Three hours later half the show was sold out!!!

Thank you all for your interest in my work. I’ll write more after I take a shower.

I Believe In You – Thank YOU!

30" x 40" acrylic, enamel, screenprint on canvas

Eye Believe In You 30" x 40" acrylic, enamel, screenprint on canvas

So, I’m sitting here reflecting like many today, with gratitude. There is so much, so many, to list. But I do know WHAT I am most grateful for, besides family and good health, it is that so many of  you said to me via your support of my art, “I Believe In YOU.” Each of us should have somebody occasionally leaning over our shoulder and saying, “I Believe In You, keep going.” THANK YOU.

Value System…What’s In Your Wallet?



What’s In Your Wallet?” Capital One has been asking that question since 2005 via their tag line. Well I have a tagline, “Nobody Gives A F#%K!” what’s in your wallet  However, I do care about what’s in your HE(ART) and your soul, because the impact of what we find there can change lives.

Value Systems, I confront them and assault them daily. Art (and in this case an ipad) is my weapon. (wink) .

Yo! Art Basel Miami, the streets of New York is coming…open wide.

Who Gives A F#%k?


Kanye West? George Bush? Please, nobody gives a F#%k! -TMNK

Where’s Nobody?


Spending time alone… Painting… Thinking. Up late, and that’s unusual for me…