He’s a Boss! and proof that (Scared Money Don’t Make No Money)


Look, I be ridin’ threw my old hood,
But I’m in my new whip.
Same old attitude, but I’m on that new shit.
They say they gon’ rob me, see me neva do shit.
Cause they know that’s the reason that’s gone end up on a news clip.


ReMixxxxxxx!!! Starring David Lombardi!
Last Night I was chilling on the block, correction, on “HIS” block, when David Lombardi rolled through like the “BOSS” he is.
This right here is HIS SWAG!!!!
Fly WHip? check!
Fly Shorty aka Dime piece? check! (He had a Gorgeous!!! woman with him in the front seat, sure hope it was his wife) ;-)

Just having fun, but HE IS A BOSS. He invested in/BELIEVED in the Wynwood District, long before Tony Goldman added his magic. Just like the song, he proved that scared money don’t make no money…He’s A Boss! And He’s my friend. And I’m sure it makes him proud to SEE his WYNWOOD filled with people out enjoying art and each other. Keep Flossing Boss!!! Shout out to my dude Daniel, aka L’il Wayne, aka Young Money (Watch the Throne, kid ;-) ) and to Grandma, Nobody Loves You!

Who The Hell Does David Lombardi Think He Is?



Real Estate Developer? Miami mover and Shaker? Successful Business Mogul? Big Deal. Actually, In the world of Miami Art and Real Estate he actually is a really big deal, and closes quite a few of them to back it up. But who the Hell does this guy think he is???

I have know idea? But having met the man in person, I can tell you WHO I THINK HE IS. A really nice guy. Really nice. Let me tell you what he did. I walked into his office on a really busy day, seeking help with locating space for Art Basel. So, what do you think David Lombardi did? Ignore me? Pass me off to one of his staff? Tell me to make an appointment? He could have, after all he doesn’t know me, and even if he did, I’m nobody, and he’s a busy man. But instead, what he proceeded to do says a lot about the man. He, asked me about my art. He asked someone on his staff who do we know that has space available, as he did not have anything with in his company’s holdings that suited my small pockets. Then he proceeded to make SEVERAL calls on my behalf to influential people within the Miami arts community, telling them that I was in his office and that they should check out my work. All this for a complete stranger. (and his Mom, Son, and a dude named Eric were all equally as nice.)

Okay he’s a business man, and like most business people he cares about profits, about making money. But he also cares about artists and their art. His office has works all around it. And he took the time to show that he cared about a nobody like me. It wasn’t just lip service, he really wanted to help – And  he did.

I ran into David later that  same night at the Bakehouse Art Complex Fund Raiser. The Bakehouse Art Complex provides affordable studios, and exhibition opportunities for a diverse group of artists. I was not surprised to learn that he’s on the board. You might be surprised to know he helped me find a space directly across the street from the famed Rubell Family Collection. David, who the hell do you think you are,  leaving before I could give you a big hug and say thank you? :-)  Thanks David so very much.