Follow Her – She’s Following Her Dream



She SAYS she’s a student and an aspiring journalist. I would disagree. She IS the publisher of the Blog The Urban Chattier.  For which she interviewed TMNK last night. So in my book, people who DO things are. While others aspire, dream, wanna-be, there are a few out there who don’t wait for a job title, or business cards, they simply step out each day and live their dream.


Such is the case with this talented (and professional) young sista. She showed up at the gallery, with a TYPED list of prepared questions. And Ma did her thang. Her questions were mainly about what young people could get, learn from me and my journey. So I told her, be relentless, go for it, take actions. Do the opposite of what your friends are doing whose lives are going nowhere. Who just want to party and have a good time.


But wait a minute, here she was, self-assigned, interviewing a nobody like me. She had traveled alone, from Brooklyn for this non paid opportunity. SHE was making things happen in her life. So her readers don’t have to learn about me, just follow this talented writer.

Thanks for making me one of your first interviews, Im honored. – TMNK


Who is this guy? And Why is He With A Nobody Like Me?




He’s DEFinitely somebody. Give up?


He’s Lyor Cohen. Yeah, he’s just the Vice-Chairman of Warner Music Group, and the dude who along with Russell Simmons launched some of the biggest careers in hip hop. This cat opens doors in the music world. So it came as no surprise to me, that while others were told to use the other door at the lecture/book signing of DEFinitioncey_bill

(A recently released book by Cey Adams and Bill Adler),


when this dude came to the LOCKED door, it was opened with the quickness. Lyor is da man. And I’m well, you know, nobody. – TMNK