A story inside… What’s your story?


Power on or off in the building, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is the POWER within me to be great. So today, like everyday, I’n Up early painting relentlessly pursuing my dream.

God put a story inside me to share with the world. It doesn’t matter if you read it today, one day you will. – TMNK

And like this painting, unfinished, God ain’t thru with me yet.


Let Go and Let God




Aiiiight, we’re not gonna get all religious up in here. But I will tell you this, I work for the man, aka Mr. Big. Heck, I’d be a nobody, if not for these so-called talents he gave me. So message to all those feeling overwhelmed, stressed out. Do the best you can today. Then take a deep breath,and Let Go and Let God… And Watch what happens.

Life’s A Trip: Damn I’m Tired





SOULFUL JOURNEY – mixed media on masonite – (18″ x 24″ approx)

This journey soon will be complete, and the spirit within will begin perhaps a different journey. I still have a way to travel down the road I’m on (i think), no one really knows. Yet, it’s comforting to believe that a quiet resting place awaits this weary traveler. In the meantime, instead of bread crumbs, I’ve left tiny pieces of my soul along the way. Still at times I wandered about, lost, wondering, are we there yet?. – TMNK

Getting Too Emotional


Lots of thoughts were running through my mind today as I painted and sketched at Starbuck’s today. So many, I began to lose focus. WHY AM I HERE? What is my purpose? Anyway, finally finished it, after several disappointing attempts.



 Too Emotional  - mixed media on paper 6″ x 9″


I keep telling myself that I have to stop the negativity at the front door, to keep limiting thoughts from entering my mind. Because once they’re inside it’s easy to become lost, to lose faith And once that happens, you can find yourself getting way too emotional about nothing. And that can really mess your head up, not to mention the rest of your day. Ya dig? . – TMNK





Today (mixed media and oxidized iron on masonite 12″ x 12″ approx.)


What a great gift I’ve been given, TODAY. Yet, like many, I find myself at times weighted down with worries, burdens, and concerns about tomorrow. Tomorrow, as if, having received what so many others were denied isn’t worth celebrating, or at least enjoying. We’ve been blessed with today.Yet, so many of us begin today worrying about tomorrow, and all of the problems it may bring. When, we could have so much fun solving today’s crossword puzzle.


It’s a beautiful day, today. I think I’ll enjoy it. – TMNK

About Notes of a Neo-American Visualist



Perhaps mine are worthless paintings. Then my creative offerings are nothing more than the scribblings of yet another artistic inhabitant, like many before me.

BUT if there is some lasting quality or value to my paintings, I wanted my voice, my marks. my scribblings to have a positive effect on the world I lived in.  I ask myself “What note, what message can I leave behind to inspire someone to greatness? Or to inspire someone to choose love over hate, peace over violence.”  The Notes, the thoughts of those who’ve journeyed before me have affected my steps. Their words and ideas have lingered in my mind, like a nagging parent, prodding me to go this way or that.

Toni Morrison’s  “…“Had they paints or clay or knew the discipline of dance, or strings; had they anything to engage their tremendous curiosity and their gift for metaphor, they might have exchanged the restlessness and preoccupation with whim for an activity that provided them with all they yearned for. And like any artist with no artform, they became dangerous.”  Inspired me. These words became my call to arms. Her words were instructed me to “try” to help someone. TO CARE. These words not written for me, but read by me, changed me and forever altered my journey.

The other day, I read these words by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,I’ve altered them somewhat so that they are specific to my life’s vision:



If any of you are around when I have to meet my day, I don’t want a long funeral. And if you get somebody to deliver the eulogy, tell them not to talk too long. And every now and then I wonder what I want them to say. Tell them not to mention that my work is in the MoMA —that isn’t important. Tell them not to mention that my art is collected around the world—that’s not important. Tell them not to mention where I went to school. 

I’d like somebody to mention that day that TMNK, tried to use his talents serving others.

I’d like for somebody to say that day that TMNK tried to love somebody…

Yes, if you want to say that I was AN ARTIST, say that I was a AN ARTIST for justice. Say that I was AN ARTIST for peace. I was AN ARTIST for righteousness. And all of the other shallow things will not matter. I won’t have any money to leave behind. I won’t have the fine and luxurious things of life to leave behind. But I just want to leave a committed life behind…

If I can help somebody as I pass along,

If I can cheer somebody with a painting or song,

If I can show somebody he’s traveling wrong,

Then my living will not be in vain.

If I can do my duty as a Christian ought,

If I can bring salvation to a world once wrought,

If I can spread the message as the master taught,

Then my painting will not be in vain.


 And I’m just a NOBODY – Imagine what SOMEBODY like YOU could do. Are You taking notes? I am. – TMNK


Put In Work, Exercise FAITH



Like it has been for many of you lately, my life has a fair amount of stress and challenges. So to turn a mess into success, I’ve been keeping my head up and in the game by, staying positive and remaining relentless along the journey. I hope I can be an encouragement to someone today. I know it isn’t easy right now. Nothing worth having is, hang in there.


Here’s a Few Tips on What I Do:

1). I get it in early. I’m up and at it in my studio 4:30am every morning.

2). Stay focused on what I CAN do, and not let the weeds of PROBLEMS and dismay take root in my mind.

3).Work thru  life’s lows, like strength training exercises, assigned by the master, to assist me in reaching Greatness. Stop, look, listen, learn. 

4) to sum it up: Put in work, Exercise Faith. (repeat) – TMNK