Dear Mama (Day 27 of 100) First 100 Days



Dear Mama (Day 27 of 100) First 100 Days – mixed media and shopping bag collage on masonite (4″ x 6″)

Like many wayward young men, drifting without purpose, Barack Obama’s mother cautioned her son to get it together, that he was wasting his life. He did, worked hard, and ultimately became our nations 44th President.

President Obama is our nations first Black President. And probably the first president who knows these lyrics by 2PAC, and can relate:

“When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I’d see her face
Ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place
Suspended from school; and scared to go home, I was a fool
with the big boys, breakin all the rules
I shed tears with my baby sister
Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids
And even though we had different daddy’s, the same drama
When things went wrong we’d blame mama
I reminice on the stress I caused…

…I finally understand
for a woman it ain’t easy tryin to raise a man
You always was committed
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated – DEAR MAMA.”

Barack Obama’s mother died of ovarian cancer in 1995. I’m sure she’s smiling proudly from heaven at what her “Barry” has accomplished.

Learning From Others


Learn From Others – mixed media on masonite (12″ x 12″ approx)

I used to attend the school of hard knocks. I had to learn everything the hard way. But even a knucklehead nobody like me becomes wiser, the longer I continue on this journey. So lately I’ve been heading the wise counsel of the elders, and learning from their mistakes. After all, the game doesn’t change, just the name of the players.

Stop. Listen (watch feet) And Learn from the mistakes of others. - TMNK