Intensive Caring


My day has not ended yet. No bandana. No paint markers. No Facebook like button to press. He’s laying here, tubes up his nose, in his mouth, unable to breathe on his own. Lights flashing, and that annoying constant beep…beep…beep. I care, but there is nothing I can do, except be here. Be here, when I’d rather be home, painting…I’m sure he’d rather be home too. Who cares?

Note to self: pressing the like button, and online ego gratification is not intensive caring….beep…beep…beep.

Why Can’t We Be Friends???


whycantwebfriendsWHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS?

I’m just trying to pick up where Don Cornelius left off, because what the world needs now is LOVE, PEACE, and SOUL. Easier said than done, but I’m trying, one painting at a time to make a difference. Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be the target of each other’s admiration and affection, rather than violent hatred? Each of has an opportunity each day to paint a different picture. If you see somebody, anybody, even a nobody like me, say something or do something nice. Why can’t we be friends? – TMNK

Return To Sender



I paint higher than I can reach. Great gifts, and friends have been placed along my path. At times, I’ve been too busy to notice, sometimes clumsily, carelessly, other times arrogantly I’ve hurt or disappointed the bearers of these gifts. So, each day I try to do better. No goody-two-shoes here, Mother Teresa and Ghandi I’m not. But, I’ve never forgotten the gifts, or the kind people that were them or gave them. I fail a lot, still, I like to think I try. It just feels better when I try.

Go ahead, try, you just may find yourself smiling on the inside. – TMNK

Friendship Is A Gift Not Easily Returned



It begins with with the seeds of kindness, thoughtfulness, and blossoms into an unexpected friend. I try to plant new seeds, and water the flowers that grow in the concrete near my feet. Yet at times I’m clumsy, trampling over my own garden. So I try again, to plant new seeds, and to be a better gardner, a better person. Why? It makes me smile inside. It’s the reason I gave Whit the painting I had done of him on the ferry. Its, the reason I give without expecting, not needing anything in return. Thank you Whit for letting me know I made you smile. And Thank YOU for the kindness that you showed me. Now I paint and sometimes for no apparent reason a thought, a gift. Yet there is a reason, friendship is a gift not easily returned. I’m trying.

Oh My God


“New art from TMNK”

Oh My God (mixed media on masonite 18″ x 24″ approx.)

A lot of people are praying these days, some unfortunately are cursing, but “el numero uno’s” name is coming up quite a bit in conversations around the world these days.

It seems GOD is our first thought when we’re in trouble. Perhaps we should make God our first thought, even when we’re not in trouble?

After all what kind of relationship or friendship is it, when you only think about that friend when YOU need something, are in trouble, and need someone to bail you out? OMG, that would make you a user, not to mention a loser. – TMNK

My Integrity


Life is full of peaks and valleys. I’ve shared many of my peaks, and few of my valleys. Just a few, as I try not to throw pitty parties, and when I do they’re small. So as we journey through life we experience success and failure. We loose love, and sometimes we loose our jobs, and others our fortune. All painful to be sure, but what we should never loose is our integrity.

My Integrity, is what I regained in the streets, online, painting, sharing but always from the heart always honest. I may have not always spoken your truth, but I’ve always spoke mine. Take from me my fortune (if I had), take away my fame (im trying to be poetic, we know I’m a NOBODY), but leave me my health, the friends that I love and that love me, and my good name. – TMNK, perhaps my boyee Shakespeare said it better:

Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls Who steals my purse steals trash ’tis something, nothing ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed.

Wow, a nobody like me dropping Shakespeare. And did I just waxed an original poetic? Hmm, whatever, Just keep it real. Nobody’s watching. – TMNK

TMNK Discovers Beautiful Crystal

I was walking along my journey as an artist when I made an amazing discovery. My he(art) affords me the opportunity to connect with people I might not have otherwise – Amazing, talented, interesting people. Allow me to introduce you to one such amazing discovery.
She loves life more than she hates it. She believes in destiny. She loves spring. the smell of the earth mother waking up. and a warm rain. She (like TMNK) despises cold. and snow. She lives incognito. She likes to daydream, because she’s afraid of nightmares. death scares her. and so do spiders. and being broke. She’s been called lots of names. some good. and some not. Her heart has been broken along with her spirit. more than once and not less than a hundred times. She’s has lost her color vision. it was given back to her. She’s have been operated on. sent here and there. and operated on some more. She loves her parents. She’s tired of hearing about dysfunctional families. neurotic parents. bull-shit. everyone is dysfunctional and neurotic. She’s spiritual. that is not a religion. people fascinate her. She loves to watch. She has a good soul. and she loves to laugh. Her eyes are green. She has laugh lines. She’s a mom. She misses her grandparents, john & ella. walter & lola. She wishes she would have listened more. She has quite a bit of hungarian blood flowing through her veins. She wants to know more. Her favorite color is black. red is second. She was born in el paso, texas. almost in juarez, mexico. She has lived in the bay area of california. and now she’svin michigan. Her family calls her kik. and so do phil & betty georgeau. She loves her friends. although she has few. they are true blue & brutally honest. Her husband truly loves her. and she him. although he may not understand her art. he understands her. She drinks ice cold oberon from the bottle. and she saves the caps. burps amuse her. She can be immature. She could live on fresh fruit. except for guava. Her art & photography feed her being. so do her writings. if you do look at her work, she hope you will feel something stir within you. She’s a NOBODY just like me that CARES. She’s CRYSTAL OVERHUEL. Stop by an pay her visit, you just may discover something (and someone) amazing too.