Artistic Community Needs To SHOW Love


Just like in the 60′s and 70′s, artists and creative thinkers have found a home at 112 Greene Street in SoHo. The Garment Room has been a sort of incubator/gallery/ for hundreds of artists. It’s owner, Tiffany, has opened her heart and her space to young designers, musicians, videographers, and artists of all disciplines.

THE BAD NEWS: Her success and the eclectic following it attracted has led to her being forced out in a legal dispute.

THE GOOD NEWS: She has found a new space, but could use a little help from her friend$. $20 from each of us could help a lot. And I’ll be auctioning off a painting on EBay, 100% proceeds to her relocation fund. Spread the word and SHOW some love, she sure has! – TMNK