Vigeland Inspired Urban Derivative


This is one of the new paintings I’ve begun to work on inspired by the works of Gustav Vigeland.

Seems I’m Already allowing the cultural aspects of my trip to Norway to influence my art. Expect more. TMNK

Today I met a Genius




Okay, technically I didn’t meet HIM, because he’s dead. But, I hung out at his park, Frognerparken, aka Vigelandsparken, and was fortunate enough to come face to face with sheer artistic GENIUS. The artist, Gustav Vigeland, may be dead, but his pensive, provocative, playful,  nude sculptures are alive and well.





And if you want to study the power and beauty of the human form, you need only come to Oslo and walk amongst the manifestations of his genius until you are properly educated. From his grave he whispered loudly into my ear, “you call yourself an artist? You’re nobody, you have only begun to scratch the surface. Put down your paint brush, grab a shovel and dig.”