“… Had My Heart Broken By A Woman Named Tammy…” aka 6ft 7ft 8ft Punch aka Love Stories Suck!


Anthony Padavano in Dawn Without Darkness wrote:

“…No man lives without hurting or bleeding. Almost every man conceals the scars and sometimes the bitterness of a lifetime of injury, rejection, disappointment. This side of life, however, is less than half the story. The tragedies, which break our hearts again and again are not more numerous than the healing influences which mend us. More impressive than the broken-ness of our hearts is the fact that we have a heart and that it is tender enough to suffer. Even a scar tells us of more than the wound we have sustained; it tells us that we have prevailed. No agony is sufficient to cancel the fact that a man was born and that life and thought, emotion and choice, love and reason go on inside him.”

Behind the bandana is the pain of a man who lost the wife he loved, his son, his family. ( see I really “…had my heat broken by a woman named Tammy…” ) So of course I can relate. Still, despite the pain,  I choose LOVE over HATE, and claim happiness and greatness as my fate. My point is, sometimes, Love Stories do Suck! But it’s only when you give up on yourself, on love, on life that you’re really fucked! Ya dig.


I don’t know who YOU are, but yes this painting is available and for you. Seriously interested collectors should email nobodydidit [AT] menobodyknows [DOT} com.