How To Be A NOBODY (and get your free Bandana)



Our army of talented NOBODY’s, doing their thing, CREATIVELY, for the good of humanity is growing. And of course we need you too!

So to join us, and get your free ART IS MY WEAPON bandana is easy. 

1) Go to a blog, (politics, Fashion, Art, Culture, Design, Music) hell anywhere in cybersapce, and leave a comment about TMNK (hopefully something positive). (or write about us on YOUR blog).

2) Send us the link to your comment/blog

3) Email us Your Snail mail info.

That’s It. And You’re officially part of the family of NOBODY’S.

Now of course we hope you’ll send us a picture of you wearing your ART IS MY WEAPON bandana. And we would be thrilled if you joined our movement, by being creative, and taking action to make a positive impact on your community, and then sharing your story with us and our readers. But it’s not necessary. Just help spread the word, and we got you.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – So who want’s to be a NOBODY?

Like President  Obama said “ Together ordinary people, can do extraordinary things.” True that! Hell, even a nobody like me can make a difference, with your help.


Today’s Bandanas are going out to Da Blumster in PA, GuerillaMilk in Texas, T.K.Phi in Brooklyn(wink), and J.Noble in Ohio. – Thanks Fam for spreading the caring. 

Injecting Hope By Any Means

This morning I began a somber morning needing a lift in MY spirits. So i visited the work of artist friend Fabio Napoleoni, as was quickly reminded to “Inject Hope By Any Means.” He’s right, and I’ll remember that today, as I work out, as I paint, and as I go forward more uncertain than knowing, more doubtful than assured.

Yes, I experience lows too. But I’m always mindful that it’s never about what happens to you. It’s about what YOU DO, What I DO, when shit happens. I know of know other way to progress, than to keep it moving, and to always remain hopeful. My best friend this morning is a tiny little ant, we both have “Highhhhhh Hopes”. Ya dig – TMNK