Jerry’s Artarama Goes Street! – Real Talk!

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 7.38.26 AM

TMNK – Original Painting Street Art Installation – Art Basel, Miami Beach 2011 – unofficially sponsored by Jerry’s Artarama.
In addition to being my Sponsor, from day one. These cats have really gone STREET. They carrying Montana’s and KRINKS son. And they’re preparing to add more ish. (Just let me know what you want them to carry, I know somebody on the inside). So don’t sleep. If they don’t got it, let me know, and they’ll it… (and they deliver yo’).

Yo; Shouts to My Sponsor Jerry’s Artarama for the love at the Art Basel VIP 2011 launch and for making this uncommissioned Street Art Gift Possible. ;-)

And special Shouts to my fam on the inside throwing up tags, on the low, with that corporate swag. I see ya’ baby. ANd thanks for them Krinks. ;-)