Love Stories Suck!



Don’t blame me. After all, when I love, I love with all my he(art). But, I’ve been seeing this message all over NYC, and given the current state of my personal life, (i’m a nobody, so my break-up went unreported) the sentiments kind of resonate with me. Check out this “Love Story” from Guilmoore:


Yes, Love Stories sometimes suck, still everybody (including this NOBODY) LOVES to fuck! #imjustsaying. Have a great day, LOVE SOMEBODY or, avoid the hassle and just Fuck somebody really good. Bottom line, Nobody Cares. ;-)

Happily Ever After…




Life After Death – (16″ x 20″ – acrylic, enamel, oxidized iron + collage on canvas)

Yeah Right. That’s what everybody thinks when they get married. I know I did, and then a reality sets it, sometimes, that is anything but. And if suffering is part of an artist’s lot, then divorce must have been created specifically for us. THIS IS SOME PAINFUL SHIT. I’ve tried to “paint through it” (around it, and get over it), basically keep it movin’. But for a long time now it has felt like a part of me is dying, slowly, and very painfully. Am I DEAD yet?

I don’t know much about the after life that people speak of when they discuss death in it’s physical sense. But I am looking forward to the “life after death” of my spirit and my soul.  I look forward to kindness, affection, caring and sharing. I look forward to mutual respect. I look forward to dancing and singing in the streets, full of happiness and joy. Remember that, remember “ME?” I do. And I remember you. Life after Death, and may we all live Happily for as long as we can. – TMNK