Miami Photographer Shares The Love and His Talents With Street Artist Nobody

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During my recent visit to Miami, I was commissioned by Real Estate developer David Lombardi, of Lombardi properties to create something for one of his buildings to be part of the historic Wynwood Walls Walk during Art Basel Miami 2012.

To my surprise, much sought after Miami based photographer Liam Crotty asked if he could photograph me. I never expected it would be this amazing photo essay and interview. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me, and a very special thank you to Myra Wexler, of Musing with Myra fame for once again making this connections possible. (Myra, introduced me and my work to Liam).

Meet My MoMMA: Miami’s Ultimate Street Artist



Everyone knows in Graffiti and Street Art that its all about UPS and VISIBILITY. Well perhaps not what you’d consider a “traditional” street artist, but trust me there is no one up earlier and who has more visibility or notoriety in the Miami Art Scene than Myra Wexler. Myra is like a BNE sticker, she’s EVERYWHERE. And she IS, a street artist, or what she calls a “Sticker artist.” Her Obey Yo MOMMA stickers are have international ups. And she’s a General in the Art Is My Weapon Army. Not to mention her monthly Musings with Myra, have become must-be-there- events for collectors, artists, and curators living or visiting the Miami area. Momma so gangsta museums and galleries often consult with her. Dammmmmmmmn, that’s my Momma.

LOVE GUN Makes Debut at Musing With Myra in Miami





If there is any one person who has their finger on the pulse of the Miami Art Scene it’s Myra Wexler. If it’s related to art and it’s in Miami, MYRA aka Yo’ MoMMa will be there, reporting, informing, caring and sharing. She loves art and artists (and collectors), and they love her.

Yesterday ‘s Musing with Myra was special, Myra shared with her audience her full size “Obey Yo’ Momma” alter ego cut-out. And Momma made sure she was taken seriously, as she came packing, armed with an Art Is My Weapon “LOVE GUN” from NYC Street Artist TMNK. Trust me, If you haven’t already, you soon will be surrendering to her. I did. – TMNK