An Army That Gives A F#%K!

Imagine A World Where We All Give A F#%K!

Imagine A World Where We All Give A F#%K!

And all over the world we’re STICKING together. NYC Street Artist TMNK is at it again. Enlisting and deploying a worlwide army to alert the world of a serious situation, Nobody Gives A F#%K! Hello.

Fall In!  Hit us up with your address to be issued your ARTillery.

Plus,  have some fun, win some original art.

Prizes for photos of NGAF sticker use:

1) Most Creative Use

2) Sexiest Sticker Deployment (18 and over of course)

3) Best Street Slap/Deployment

- Let’s Go!

ARTillery For The Streets


AKA Arming the troops. Kids are still dying in our streets. And yeah, NOBODY Gives A F#%k! So NYC Street Artist TMNK and a team of caring Street Soldiers are mounting an attack… Let’s Go!

Art Basel and The Power of Giving A F#%K!



Yeah I’m a street artist. But for me it’s not about the walls big or small. It’s about crafting, creating a painting, art, a message that moves, touches, and perhaps transforms people. Yeah, I may be a NOBODY…but like many of you, I GIVE A F#%K! �about: ART, PEACE, HUMANITY, RELENTLESS DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED, and of course about THE KIDS. Each day, each of us has the power to make a difference in SOMEBODY’S life that could change the world. Dollars make sense, but Giving a F#%K! is a priceless work of HE(ART)! – TMNK

Amazing How Many Gave A F#%K!












People throughout Art Basel let it be known…

Nobody Gives a F#%k! About the Kids!


Actually, O-Cinema and New York Street Artist  TMNK DO give a F#%K! So for the Saturday opening reception for his Art Basel Exhibition “Nobody Gives A F#%K!” the sold paintings have been taken off the wall, and replaced with the work of young artist from the community. TMNK and O-Cinema have partnered with Arts for Learning to offer young artists the chance to have the Art Basel limelight on their creations.

While the SOMEBODY’S were working on walls throughout the Wynwood arts district, these young artists were working in their studios creating art for this special exhibit.

Nobody Gives a F#%k! I know, pretty profane, but to NOT give a F#%K about inspiring and encouraging young artists would be even more profane.

If you’re in Miami Tonight, December 3, 90 NW 29th Street 6-10 COme Thru!

Reveling in memories…



In Goslar it’s about 11 pm now. It’s quiet outside and there’s a lovely layer of snow… . Nobody gives a f#%k? Maybe…

But what about Miami?! Rumor has it that in about 1 hour there will be an opening reception NOBODY *wink* will ever forget about! Nobody gives a f#%k? Don’t think so…

Dear Mr. Nobody,

on days like this I’m reveling in memories. I remember the day I searched for “Outsider Art” and “Streetart” on Ebay. I didn’t expect to find something of quality but then… . To cut a long story short: I found “Prey” which has been the piece everything started with… it has been love at first sight and so I bought the first piece of my collection. Now, a couple of years later this so called Nobody more and more becomes a Somebody. In my opinion he has always been…! Best of luck Bro, keep it up! A friend…

As for “Prey” – Still thinking about how to frame it as it is so special for me…

What about YOU? How did you get to know this so called “Nobody”?! Tell us by adding a comment… Let’s revel in memories :-) !

And again, Bro: KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They Came, They Saw, They Collected


And several sales and hours later, the show is now half sold out. And the opening is tomorrow.