We Did It! Norway Loves Nobody (and Nobody loves Norway)




Some showed up an hour early, bearing flowers and gifts… for an artist from New York, a so-called “nobody” named TMNK. They were all ages, and they had come to see what I call Urban Derivatives. They came to see what he had for them, but instead they gave him something far greater. The Warmth of their community reached inside of me and embraced my weary soul, and turned what some might have thought was a fairy tale into reality.


I was treated like a rock star by the kids, yet little did they know, I was having just as much as they were, if not more, painting smiles on there faces, and letting them know that they were special art fans too, as the adults patiently waited while I signed or drew something special for them. And there were the grandmothers, though I couldn’t tell, because their enthusiasm and youthful exuberance, was all I noticed as they discussed with passion their appreciation for what I had brought to their country, their town. They kissed me on the cheek and told me they loved me and my art. And then there were the astute, the discriminating collectors, who added carefully and methodically to their collections. I recognized them, because I had seen them when I visited Christie’s once. Price list in hand, they’re the types that don’t smile or show emotion, as to tip their hand. This is serious business for them. They move about quietly pensively, before making a decision, to buy or not. Yet, they too were greeting me with smiles, and informing me of  their delight to have me in their homeland, and now in their private collection.


Yes, we did it. Okay, of course, I scratched, scribbled and painted on the canvas, and other surfaces. But WE a group of people too large to name, and from all over the world, who believed in me and saw significance and meaning in my art. Encouraging, repeatedly purchasing my newest creations, again, and again, and again. Sharing my links with their friends, sharing my he(art) with their family, THEY,  (along with Marte of course) brought me to Norway. And there,  a country  embraced, and almost immediately understood the messages that  lived beneath the surface of my art. Young, old, wealthy and not, professional and not, connected with the voice of the voiceless.




Yes, WE DID IT! – The streets are talking, and people all over the world are listening.


But don’t take my word for, check it out for yourself. Or asked someone from a small town in Norway, and they will likely tell you with a smile on their face,  yes, NOBODY WAS HERE.


I’m just a nobody, yet I believe God places something special in each of us, even a “nobody like me.

Thank you all for coming out with your family and friends, and allowing me to share “my little something”  my he(art) with all of you. - TMNK

Cookies and Milk


It is not enough to have, I want to share life’s goodness with others and slowly digest the warmth of their smile. Giving others the MILK of human kindness doesn’t cost much, but it can help change the world, just by changing, brightening someone’s day.

TMNK + AVONE Collabo = Uncommon Success



Damn….All the love I’m being shown kinda makes me feel like I’m a somebody. But yall should know back in the NYC, I get down with a cast of really talented cats. One of them is my boyeeee AVONE. We met the first day I hit the streets with my art, and our Collabos have been KICKING ASS worldwide ever since (like our collabo in the lobby of the Gansevoort Hotel in New York’s Meat Packing District). And like the song says, it ain’t no fun if my homey can’t have some. And Norway must have felt me on that, cause they featured a collabo – “entitled  ”UNCOMMON MAN” which features my boyyyyes RIP NY joint, as we pay tribute to Guru RIP in their newspaper.

And If Marte Jettestad has her way, you’ll be experiencing his special brand of street genius real soon (wink).

For the lucky collector who has this in their collection, this is the original words that were written by a Nobody like me to pay respect to this uncommon man of hip hop -

Keith Elam, aka GURU is no longer with us. He battled cancer , the way he battled “sucker MC’s” throughout his career, relentlessly,  before succumbing to the disease Monday, at the age of 43. I won’t forget you my brotha. You stepped to the mic with a Mind, a Voice, and a CONSCIENCE.  YOU mattered, because YOU left us with lyrics that mattered. THANK YOU. On hearing the news of your death, I began working, painting attempting to pay my last respects, one artist to another. I hope I did you justice. R.I.P. – TMNK

Good Morning Norway! Hello Brooklyn! Yo Jerz, ya heard! SoHO stand Up!




Amazing turn out yesterday at the opening of Urban Derivatives in Norway. GOOD MORNING NORWAY!! and thank you all for coming out massively to support my he(art). Yall represented from the kids to the Grandmas, and how could I forget the yellow car:-) I enjoyed meeting all of you and your support of my new works was unbelievable. So thank you, thank you, thank you! And PLEASE remember this name Marte Jettestad, aka the ART LADY, she’s the one that made this all happen. Betta’ Recognize, cause nobody does this amazing lady has her finger on the pulse of, and her foot up the ass of the art world! ANd thanks to an AMAZING job done by Gallery director/owner�Kjetil Galleberg, this man did so much to make the Exhibit a success. And his attention to detail was off da meter! (catalogs! Custom hand made boxes! Framing!) Thank you so much Kjetil!









And shout out to my peeps around the world, and back home in the streets who have been holding a Nobody like me down for a minute, and who have helped keep me going with their support and encouragement. WE DID IT. Like my brotha AVONE who was reppn me in da streets while I got my shine on here, while he had his own show going on in Australia. Or my Galleries ART WHINO and Liza from Pine Street, And Art Raw…Or like my dude Jesus Saves who took me to Germany with him. Or like my Boy Miles Wickham, who always shows love. Or my mens in them Frankie and Jason who included me in shows and spread the word. �And my family who’s love and support carries me thru the difficult time…This aint no oscar speech but so many peoples to thank. And most importantly of all of them is GOD, for the talents placed within in me and always being by my side.

Here Are some of the work from the show as well as some of my new friends, collectors, supporters in Norway. Norway REPRESENT!!!
















Breakfast at Tiffany’s




Only this ain’t a movie dawg. It”s the real life story of a kid from the hood who dreams of becoming a famous artist. He’s flown to Norway for a solo show. On the morning of that solo show, he awakens to find himself and his work featured on the front page of the newspaper there. and a three full pages inside about him and his work.



Naaaaahhhh this ain’t Breakfast at tiffany’s, cause your boyeee is just a New York Street artist, a nobody. Still I couldn’t think of a more delicious breakfast on the morning of my exhibit at Gallerie Galleberg.

Sightseeing In Norway





LOL – of course I  made time to do a little sightseeing. Let’s just keep in mind, that what “I” consider sight seeing might not be what “YOU” consider sight seeing. But owe what a sight, I think I may have died already, and this must be heaven.


No Way, they put this NOBODY on TV in Norway? GTFOOH!



One day my paintings will be sought after, collected all over the world. One day, galleries all over the world will want to show my work. They’ll fly me to far away places, like say…Norway, and the media will clamor to interview me. Hell, I’ll even be on their TV… “…Yo, NOBODY, TMNK, wake UP!  Yo ass is a nobody, a New York City artist, a so-called street artist, that nobody has ever heard of. Hell kid, let’s keep it real, you aint even really from New York. What you need to do is get off your dreamy float, and leave that mess alone that has you hallucinating before you end up like your boyyye Basquiat…” Oh really???


Only I wasn’t dreaming. My paintings are sold and collected ALL OVER THE WORLD. And I was flown to Norway for a solo exhibition of my new paintings, and yesterday I made national news here, (and not for car jacking, playing  basketball, selling drugs or rapping. LOL – not!) I was featured in the news, in Norway, on TV, for my art, my paintings. “GTFOOH,”  I would but I already did, I’m in Norway I tell ya, and this ish is real… Okay don’t take my word for.

check it out for yourself… SON, I’m on my NEW YORK shit, hat to the back on some new york shit, slang’n art like it’s crack on my New York shit!

But let’s keep it REALER than REAL a certain Norwegian art lover/curator, Marte Jettestad., discovered your boyyeee (in the streets of NYC, SoHo baby), and is responsible for making sure my work got a proper audience as well as a great show here. Thanks Mlle. Jettestad.

Good Morning Norway It’s TMNK in your earhole



Late night of drawing, and more wine, then up early for an interview at radio Station  NRK Ostafjells, (that’s Norwegian for HOT 97 – LOL). And wouldn’t you know just when we all getting relaxed talking about art, the paparazzi shows up.


So we take a few snaps,  then I had to bounce over to the gallery for an interview with the local newspaper. The word about the show is starting to spread, (as are the greatly exaggerated rumors about me and the whole wall controversy). All I can say is don’t believe everything you read. It wasn’t me. (wink).

Sacred Wall in Norway Get’s Blessed by “YOU-KNOW-WHO”



The legend goes something like this…In over 200 years, of wars, and border skirmishes, no one had dared to write on this simple white wall. LOL, that is until today. It seems SOMEBODY when all in, and decided to write a new page in history.

Yo Norway, welcome to New York City. ;-) , where NOBODY LOVE’S YOU!

Real Talk…



My street team is in full effect doing the dam thing. There have been reported sightings of our warnings on the danger’s of “Lip Service.” We need more people who walk the way they talk, right?