NYC Gallery Talk aka #OHiTHINKsheLIKESme aka The Street Art Pick 4?


TMNK presents his work to NYC Gallery Owner ©Jay Gittens Photography


TMNK takes a moment to reflect ©Jay Gittens Photography


#OccupyGREATNESS or at least try too I AM THE REVOLUTION ©Jay Gittens Photography


#OMG #OHiTHINKsheLIKESme ©Jay Gittens Photography


Imagine if you were some street art “NOBODY” and a prestigious gallery contacts you, and ASKS if you would be interested in working with them, and then invites you to show them some of your new work. GTFOOH. (yeah that’s what I said to myself).  But it’s like lotto, you got to be in it to win it, right? So, imagine you go along with this joke, rent a truck, and take all of your best work to present to this “prestigious” gallery (knowing damn well they’re gonna say, nice work BUT, it doesnt fit with…).Lottery ticket purchased. OMG. The Imagine owner of said gallery loving your work, and selecting four paintings to represent and include in an upcoming exhibit.

Imagine feeling… honored. respected. valued. then you would understand..


the smile inside..



*Guess The Gallery + The Four Paintings selected and win a FREE original work of art from somebody.


Guest of a Guest list 8 Coolest NYC Street Artists



Seems my high school “Prom King” fantasy is finally coming true, look ma, I’m on top of the world…sort of :-)

NYC’s Art, Event’s and Culture über Blog/magazine came out today with their list  of New York City’s 8 Coolest Street Artists. And to my surprise guess who was listed as #2. NOBODY. It seems that those who are responsible for keeping those in the know, about the hottest VIP parties and openings, as well as what’s hot in Art and Fashion, have taken notice of the Art Is My Weapon Team’s grind in the street. I guess it’s official now, CARING IS COOL. ;-)

NYC Street Artists Leave Tribute to Steve Jobs at Soho Apple Store





We saw the post-it note tributes being left for Steve Jobs, but let’s face it, what this man did during the course of his lifetime was BIG. He, and the products he created and inspired changed the game from the streets to the corporate streets, even to protesters #occupyingwallstreet! I son’t carry post-it notes around , so, I pulled out my sketchbook and left a quick tribute. But later the same night a group of us stumbled on a large piece of plywood/particle board being thrown away. And interestingly none us claimed it as our own, almost instinctively we all agreed that it would make a great tribute piece to leave  to honor Steve Jobs.  We respect both his genius, his hustle, and  even his corporate gangsta aka what we call “Street Smarts.”  So from AVONE, Leghead, Photographer Jay Gittens, and this NOBODY who cares… Thank you for creating a product, a company, and a culture that forced the world to THINK DIFFERENT.  - From The Streets to the Corporate Suites, RESPECT. – TMNK

Before #OccupyWallStreet Somebody Said #FuckWallStreet


The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as many street art blogs missed this one. It seems a certain New York Street Artist, a “Nobody” was in the streets rebelling, laying the groundwork for the movement with his coroporate clowns & Fuck Wall Street protests, which hit the streetsof NYC in July and august of 2011.

Nobody is everywhere. #occupywallstreet #Fuckwallstreet


de la Haba + TMNK, They’re Up To Something

Screen shot 2011-10-04 at 7.15.25 PM

They were first spotted together at Cricket Taplin’s annual art soiree during Art Basel 2010. Then again in New York at de la Haba’s mask event. And de la Haba, recently drove 4 hours from New York to attend the e(merge) Art Fair, where, coincidentally, “Nobody” was exhibiting.

Well today the artist Gregory de la Haba visited with TMNK at his studio, and if accounts are accurate (They are), the two are up to something, big. Stay tuned.

They’re about to show you something visually STUNNING! Amazing!!!

Get ready…

Gregory de la Haba




Are Up to Something. ;-)


Fuck yo’ Politics and Obama can Kiss My…


ART! Yes, I don’t like Politics or religion for that matter. But I do believe in God, and I believe in our President, which is why I created this portrait of him and his daughters entitled “Executive Privilege.” Because while I’m sure he is honored to be President of The United States, that pales in comparison to the title of DADDY! this NOBODY, and Daddy KNOWS!

So yeah, Fuck yo’ Politics . But keep kissing, and loving your kids. ANd Kiss my ART!


note: It was unfortunate that many attending Mera Rubell’s e(merge) art fair did not understand that this painting was not intended as a dis to the President but was instead part of the artist’s “First 100 Day’s” series honoring the president. I hope both the Washington Post and New York Times will apologize.

It’s A Movie: Exclusive Interview!!!


This exclusive interview of the artist known as NOBODY is part of a special project he’s working on with 50 cent. This is an exclusive sneak peek for TMNK/Art is My Weapon members only.

Banksy leaves Loving Message for Fashion week


So we were walking around SoHo last night when we spotted what appeared to be a message from famed UK StreetArtist Banksy, targeted at those attending Fashion Week in New York. We couldn’t agree more with our mysterious brethren, hate is bad.

Now, many i’m sure will debate whether are not it’s an authentic Banksy.  But whether it is, or just some “Nobody” pretending to be him, theres no denying the profound truth in the message: “Stop Hating, It’s not a good look.”

Love Stories Suck!



Don’t blame me. After all, when I love, I love with all my he(art). But, I’ve been seeing this message all over NYC, and given the current state of my personal life, (i’m a nobody, so my break-up went unreported) the sentiments kind of resonate with me. Check out this “Love Story” from Guilmoore:


Yes, Love Stories sometimes suck, still everybody (including this NOBODY) LOVES to fuck! #imjustsaying. Have a great day, LOVE SOMEBODY or, avoid the hassle and just Fuck somebody really good. Bottom line, Nobody Cares. ;-)

The King and I

Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 11.02.11 PM

The King and I, 40" x 30" acrylic, enamel and oxidation on canvas - TMNK, 2011


I see his spirit and soul. I listened as he poured his heart out. I understood well, his voice muted by the adults who never even stopped to ask him. I’ve been watching the throne since his birth, preparing him for his ascent. All this for you son, and especially this painting. Humility. Moderation. and  Compassion.