Black Beauty vs. That’s My Bitch!


Black Beauty, 30" x 40" acrylic, enamel, and oxidation on canvas - TMNK, 2011

“Michele Obama, That’s My Bitch? Chill nigga, you talking about the First Lady…” (a hypothetical yet real conversation)

I have a love hate relationship with hip hop. I LOVE the swagger, confidence, and self-determination of it’s artists. But find myself in conflict with lyrics that promote and perpetuate violence, or negative stereotypes of us as a people. Such is the case with a song from Kanye and Jay-Z’s new album, entitled That’s My Bitch! In the song there’s a line that stuck in my head,

“…I mean Marilyn Monroe, she’s quite nice
But why all the pretty icons always all-white?
Put some colored girls in the MOMA
Half these broads ain’t got nothing on Wyldna
Don’t make me bring Thelma in it
Bring Halle, Bring Penelope and Selma in it
Back to my Beyoncés, you deserve three stacks word to Andre
Call Larry Gagosian
You belong in museums, you belong in vintage clothes crushing the whole building
You belong with niggas who used to be known for dope dealin’
You too dope for any of those civilians
Now shoo children, stop lookin’ at her t*ts
Get your own dog, ya heard
That’s my Bitch!”

I too question why all the So-called icons have to be white, but in promoting our beautiful sistas for inclusion should we say “That’s My Bitch?” Well, none the less I was inspired to help Larry Gagosian and MoMa out by creating an iconic image of “Black Beauty” that could be, should be on their walls. My painting, Black Beauty is my dedication to Topsy and Michele Obama, and all the other Black Beauty’s out there. If we don’t celebrate and RESPECT them, who will? NOBODY. #imjustsaying -TMNK

To add this painting, “Black Beauty” 30″ x 40″ to your collection, (go here)

Or to see other works you can get directly from the artist visit the UNKNOWN NYC GALLERY.

Armed & Extremely Dangerous: Love’s Gonna Get Ya…Again



The First Wave of deployments were well received by the streets. Most have been scooped up and taken home. Cool. The second wave of deployments will begin soon. And yes, we’ll use any NON-VIOLENT weaponry we can to distract you, disrupt your normal pattern of thinking. Today we’re deploying IED’s (improvised erotic devices) ;-) . Aka me, my Art is My Weapon Army, and our AK47′s are going to MIND FUCK! YOU. Your mind is my canvas, your soul my wet paint.  Nobody is everywhere, and if it’s up to me…LOVE’s Gonna get Ya.



Armed and Extremely Dangerous: Exhibit Opens with WMD’s Deployed Throughout City


The Exhibit by New York Street Artist TMNK (aka Nobody) opens TODAY! and its called Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Metal “fake” ak47 cut-outs have been painted a variety of colors, and inscribed with messages that promote unity, peace, and love. They have been left throughout New York City as a Street Art Installation. They are intended to visually disrupt the passer-by, much the way deadly gunfire would from their real counterparts. But artistic weapons, “thought grenades”, Weapons of Mass Disruption and Weapons of Mass Discussion, weren’t designed to harm, instead they were deployed to  spark a dialogue, or perhaps inspire others to find creative non-violent ways to make a difference. Or at least try to.






I’m just a street artist, a Nobody. But it frightens me to think that in my “civilized” world my son is in more danger of being killed by someone from the same neighborhood, city that he grew up in, than a terrorist. I’m saddened that, my world birthed a madman that could slaughter innocent men, women, children in Norway, and worse yet, he’s not the only one. So perhaps my voice, my pebble in the pond, is insignificant, my “street art projects” sheer folly? Well I think not. I think each of us has the potential to do something great, to make a difference. And since I gotta be here and do something before I am no more, I saw something, so NOBODY decided to DO SOMETHING – anything less, would certainly be dangerous. Because if you’re not part of the solution, well… YOU know who you are. This Nobody cares. – TMNK

World Financial Leaders? or as NYC Street Artist TMNK says “A Bunch of Damn Clowns?”


We’re excited to team up with 1Xrun for this historic hand=altered print release of  ”Corporate Clowns” coincidentally on the same day that politicians jungle bottom lines, set asides, in the circus known as the debt ceiling crisis. Ironically, like me with this print release they have had months to deal with the debt crisis, but waited until the last minute to get it done. The clock’s tick’n, there’s a deadline.  I’m a nobody, I “GOT IT DONE,”  while these “Clowns” made speeches and debated. It seems like it’s one financial side show after another. Only problem is, ain’t a damn thing funny.

(The Corporate Clowns Print release is schedule to start at 3:00pm est check here)


Corporate Clowns. Commerce. Capitalism. Greed. Nobody’s watching.

NYC Street Art Examines The Many Faces of Commerce, Greed & Capitalism


aka F#%K! The Debt Ceiling and F#%K! Wall Street Too!

Tomorrow 1X Print Run has released 40  limited edition hand-altered prints from New York Street Artist TMNK aka Nobody. A provocative discussion on greed, commerce, and capitalism.

Frankly,some of them are a bunch of clowns,  overpaid Corporate Clowns. And the joke is on us, they’re laughing all the way to the bank with our money. ANd Nobody Cares. Or at least that’s what they think.

Well, they could be right, but they’re wrong. There’s an army of us, and we not only care about the debt ceiling, we care about people needlessly dying from starvation, dirty water, and senseless violence. All things that can be avoided, and all in far greater need of immediate attention than world greed, oops, I meant international fiscal concerns.


The deadline may be over, but a crisis of human conscious continues. The cost in human lives is no laughing matter. – TMNK

Creating Art: Under The Influence


Hip-Hop music has not only influenced popular culture, it has also been a source of inspiration for contemporary art in general, and especially street art or what some would call “Urban” art. Whatever you call it, or however you want to describe it, the artists in this show are making great art and history, UNDER THE INFLUENCE. – TMNK

Check out the line-up of participating artists!

907 Crew


I Saw Yo’ Momma at The Candy Factory


Big ups Ma!


Martha Knows…


Photojournalist Martha Cooper knows Street Art. She also knows NYC Street Artist TMNK, the two met last December at Art Basel in Miami. Well, This past weekend, cultural documentarian Martha Cooper was the focus of a new group art show titled“Martha Cooper : Remix Exhibition.” (click here to read more)

Photography: Brandon Shigeta


We had our first meeting in Miami at Art Basel. But just like the rest of the world is slowly learning, she knows, this NOBODY Gives a F#%K! – TMNK

Spring is in The Streets


The warm weather makes for good artin the streets.

“Art is my…” – Meeting Michael E. Smith


As you might already know Goslar is famous for it’s historic centre and the Mines of Rammelsberg – both of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites! But futhermore Monks’ House -Mnchehaus Museum- for contemporary and modern arts is well known in the international art scene…

Having been to the opening reception of it’s recent exhibit last Saturday I discovered the art of Michael E. Smith, an artist from Detroit. I’m quite sure you’ll soon hear from him as his art is DOPE! First of all I was confused as the museum has never been that empty and the atmosphere inside was totally different. But then I realized that the dimmed light and the limited number of objects which were carefully arranged where used to set up a harmonized system… so simple, so very effective!


Here’s what Michael’s gallerists ( say about his art:

  • “…Michael E. Smith frequently uses degraded materials short-circuited from their immediate social and societal connections to locate a puzzling heterogeneity between form and knowledge, mutability and dislocation…”
  • “…The surfaces of Smiths pieces are not tidy. This is not equivalent with an absence of a conceptual framework or an aesthetic function but an opaque awkwardness that tempts subjectivity…”

But see for yourself!


For example a shirt or bag which has been left in streets becomes a sculpture which makes us think about it’s former owner, the story behind…

So simple, so effective!

And so I left this challenging exhibit with a smile! Has been a great evening and I got to know a likeable artist who’s totally down-to-ground! Nobody cares and so does Michael! Different media, same vision/message…! Rumor has it going this potential SOMEBODY (and his gallerist from NYC *wink*) felt attracted to the art of a certain NOBODY… I mean Christmas is over but I just had to hand them out TMNK’s catalog.

And so we might be able to see a collaboration by TMNK and Michael someday…


And yeah, to be honest I like to get presents, too. Asked Michael to sign a print refering on TMNK and so he did: “ART IS MY FLOWER”

As you can see: Art is a weapon (!) but from time to time it could be a flower, too ;-)