Preparing for THE VIP OPENING Modern Urbanisms -TMNK PoP Up Show



The guest list is rumored to include: Shhhh! (so secret NOBODY knows). But security for New York Street Artist TMNK‘s POP-UP show Modern Urbanisms will be extremely tight. Full body searches. LOL

Nobody’s Pop’n Up In The Bowery



Yo, we were trying to keep it on the hush-hush, the DL, shhh. But it seems the word has begun to leak out. Yeah, SOMEBODY is about to �Pop off and Pop-UP in the LES, Bowery baby!

Late Nights in NYC


Haven’t had a lot of time. I’ve been preparing for an exciting Exhibition. So for the past week I’ve been in my LES studio/gallery putting in work. Plus I’m working on some important commissions. I realize more so now than ever that my voice, my work will be part of contemporary art history. So I have been devoting more time, energy, and thought to each painting.

Let’s go.

TMNK Getting Ready to POP UP in NYC



Word on the street is that SOMEBODY that many refer to as NOBODY is about to POP UP! in NYC. More news to come soon (wink)

You should always look behind the scenes…

…never forget about these words cause in the end a fish might be a rooster and a rooster…

See for yourself:

Picasso is painting

…And a so called Nobody could be a SOMEBODY in the end *wink*…


Discarded Souls


Fragile lives in need of gentle care. Is what was once inside here more valuable than what was once inside of you or me?

Art History Baby!!!



If you’re in New York, Check the exhibit my boyyyyyeee is putting down.

Have You Seen The Love Doctor


I have have (wink). Want an appointment?

Oh, You A Baller?

Ballin' - (18" x 24" acrylic, enamel and collage on masonite)

Ballin' - (18" x 24" acrylic, enamel and collage on masonite)

Fresh Kicks, bling-bling, fly whips and popp’n bottles does not a baller make. Nor is it about “what’s in your wallet.” But a generation has been once again bamboozled into thinking they’ve got it going on. Truth is, these material trinkets are just fixtures of fake success, and will fade as quickly as the beauty on the booty sliding down those stripper poles. Then it’s back to the bench. – TMNK

Saturday night – Nobody’s watching?!?

I think everybody knows what I’m talking about – It’s Saturday night and after a long day you don’t feel up to party. So what to do beside taking position in your couch and watching TV?

…And as you sit there fliping through hundreds of TV channels you’re getting tired.
…And so you decide to move ya ass which means to switch to other media. End of the line (guess what) – YouTube! So a certain somebody (a collector in Germany) typed in “Streetart” and after a long line of clips ended up watching this documentary which had been shown on german television. First thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to see…what’s  his name…”

Hmmm, must have been a vision -> See for yourself at 5:47 ;-) :