Gett’n Ready To Show My Ass in Norway



Gallerie Galleberg director Kjetil

Somebody pinch me. Because this is a long way from drawing characters of my teachers in the back of the class. And farther still from the streets of SoHo where I began creating street art with my boyyyeee AVONE. Yet it”s the kind of thing I dreamed of, and worked very hard for, painting day and night, and hustl’n my art in the streets and online. So, I am very pleased and excited that  my work caught the attention of curator Marte Jettestad and Gallerie Galleberg director Kjetil here in Norway. And while I will do my best to behave with a bit of decorum, and like I’ve been here before. But let’s let’s face it, I’m a nobody, so expect me to show my ass while I’m here (wink). And it seems that I have a lot of good people here to help me do just that.



Gallerie Balleberg has produced a special edition of 20 signed and numbered catalogs which come in a handmade case and an original artist’s drawing – (only a few left, contact Gallery director to purchase one before they’re sold out) plus a limited edition of 500 copies.



There is literally an army of SOMEBODYS behind the scene (including my cuz who prints all my bandanas and t-shirts), scheduling interviews, promoting, designing, slapping stickers, framing, and some just HANGING around to ensure Norway KNOWS Nobody is/was here doing the damn thing.





Thanks for making me feel so very welcome.

Something Special



When you work wih other talented artists you can often get inspired. I was already working on my urban derivative series when I was inspired by my boyyyeee AVONE to begin using brick panels. Here are three new works from My Urban Derivative series. Let me know what you think. – TMNK

Positive Notes – (18″ x 24″ – Mixed Media on brick panel with rust oxidation)

Lately, I’ve been listening to a relatively unknown singer as I begin each day. (Her name is Sandra Small, a talented singer who was kind enough to give one of her CD’s to my son for his birthday. Well of course she now is his favorite singer.) One track in particular, is the inspiration for this painting, it’s entitled “What U Think About.” It has become the soundtrack for starting my/our day. Perhaps as you read the lyrics below you’ll understand as I do, the power of listening to positive notes.

Wat U think about

There is a secret,

to behold, to take hold of your life

To have whatever you want right now

Believe you’ll achieve your best dreams

Just think it and you’ll see it,

Believe it and you’ll be it

Your thoughts become your true reality

Your mind is both lock and it is key

Keep thinking positively,

your life is what you think it be

Believing, makes it materialize

What’s in your heart is what’s

driving your mind – (Repeat)

What u think about is what u be about

What u be about is what u think about

Here is the secret,

Revealed the answer to all your dreams

Whatever you want… Ask, believe, receive

Your minds creation is your souls vibration

This is the law of attraction

Your world can be whatever it is

you want it to be, yeah

Just close your eyes and visualize

Your life is your design

build it high, make it shine

Where your energy flows… All attention goes


Breakdown… Wat u thinkin about,

Wat u thinkin about, What do u think about


All Music and Lyrics

© Sandra Small – 2006-9

Smallworld Music, LLC

The Healing


The Healing – (18″ x 24″ – Mixed Media on brick panel with rust oxidation)
It could be me, in fact it once was, no place to sleep and nothing to eat. We grow from life’s painful experiences, but before the growth, then as now there is the healing. A difficult yet necessary period of adjustment. I am nobody, the physical manifestation of the healing. – TMNK

Freedom Of Expression – (18″ x 24″ – Mixed Media on brick panel with rust oxidation)
The human form is a beautiful creation worthy of celebration in all forms of art. Personally it’s not shocking or appalling that Erykah Badu would disrobe and prance down the street naked in the making of her video window seat. She was simply expressing herself, freely and without hatred or violence. And from where I sit, that’s a beautiful thing. – TMNK

Lip Service



Leave it to a NOBODY like me to alter the face of street art (wink). Why should it be all about getting up, having YOUR work seen, promoted, discovered in the streets? Where’s the fun for people like YOU?

So, enough with the “Lip Service” about Street Art being for EVERYONE. These Iconic lip stickers have been given out, and are begining to appear in the strangest places, and creating some very interesting Visages.



With a quick slap, a new face is born, and yet a New STREET ARTIST created…YOU.  (want some LIPS? Hollar)

And don’t forget Send Us your sightings/creations. (shhh your secrets safe with me, nobody will ever know).

Worn Out…



Worn Out – 18″ x 24″ Mixed media Urban Derivative on Heavyweight 300GSM  Paper

Being beautiful can be exhausting.

Lost Liberty



Lost Liberty – 20″ x 30″ mixed media on canvas Lil’ Wayne, serving time for carrying a nine, has lost some of his liberty. And we the people, living in an ever more violent society, live without ours each day. Seems it’s time to try new solutions, time for anew revolution. Art is my weapon. – TMNK

Kick The Habit

Kicking the habit of street art is difficult. :-)

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Milk Does A Body Good…



And  the streets of NYC, as well as this van too. (wink).