WMDs: Deployment vs. Enjoyment

Yo’ Shout out to Dr. Martin Luther King. Bruh, I am doing my best to carry on the baton…(no pun intended) “we shall over cum…”  Bruh how did you stay focused on the MOVEMENT, sometimes I get so distracted by her movements.

Thats the point of my LOVE GUNS. WMDs. Weapons of Mass Disruption. It’s kind of hard to think about killing someone, when you have… other things on your mind. DISTRACT. DISRUPT. DISCUSS aka Street Art. ;-)

MAKE LOVE. NOT WAR.  Why Fuck somebody up, wouldn’t you really rather be fucking somebody? Why Pull out your gun and shoot somebody,when you can pull out your GUN and LOVE somebody? My parents think it not polite, what I write and put in vulgar terms. But waht about the vulgarity of poverty, homelessness, young children murdering and being murdered? Yeah… Nobody cares.

I know I’m being profane, and provocative (that’s my job)

but be real…

which BANG.BANG. BANG. do you prefer?


i dont know about you, but i’d rather pop a bottle, before I pop a gat


So, You Think I’m a NOBODY? A Message From My Collectors @ NYCC


So Mr. & Mrs. Museum acquisition director, as you did with his oft compared to predecessor Jean Michel Basquiat, you think TMNK is just some NOBODY, unworthy of your recognition or  wall space. Hmmm, well it seem collectors @ NYCC 2011 (as well as many of them from around the world) have a message for you:

1. You’re sooooooo wrong…AGAIN…

2. F#%K you, and your walls, he’s on mine now!



Not FAMOUS (yet)… But what these TWO have done is INFAMOUS (and so Damn BEAUTIFUL)

Screen shot 2011-10-17 at 9.42.15 AM

From the Streets to the Galleries around the world, these two New York City Street Artists/Graffiti artists, TMNK and AVONE have forever changed the game. Without initial gallery support, the two took their work to the streets of soho in Early 2006. Sometimes friends, sometimes co-collaborators, the work they have created independently, as well as collectively, some say rival (many say surpass), the infamous collaborations between Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat.



Yesterday 1xRUN made history, by presenting the two together at NYCC 2011. Street Art and Graffiti were surprised to find the two signing works of arts and Black Books for attendees.




F’ck a note, this a #Futurequote: Ball so hard muthfukkas want to fine us, but first they gotta FIND US, what’s 50 grand to an artist like us, please remind me… That shit cray! relentlessly attempt to #occupyGREATNESS or go home.  - TMNK