Fuck Religion! I’m A Damn Sinner



I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” - Gandhi.

See, I’d rather be a sinner, a NOBODY, than SOMEBODY who twists God’s words to suit their own hateful agenda. We’re not supposed to “judge each other” we’re supposed to “LOVE each other.”

God LOVES us ALL. And GOD loves me just the way I am. And if you don’t, Fuck YOU and your religion. #imjustsaying


All Of The Above


Yes, I believe in God. But as for all the hypocritical BS, that organized religion and the so-called religious try to bamboozle, hoodwink, and control the masses with. Well let’s just say the good Lord in all his divine wisdom created a finger dedicated to this group.

Yup, label me what you want. I’ll be that, a born rebel aka All Of The Above.


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Resurrection as Seen Through The Eyes of a Nobody


Resurrection from a biblical perspective has been widely debated. So, I won’t go there. But I’ve seen proof of a erasure too I believe we can all get behind. A resurrection of human kindness and love.

I know I’m just some nobody, and perhaps my street art rebellion against violence and hatred amounts to nothing more than pissing in the wind. But to do nothing would be to admit defeat. My children, our children deserve better.

So hear me clearly, as my lonely tears give birth to a nation who refuses to die. I am the revolution, art is my weapon. Born from a sea of blood and tears, i exit the womb of ignorance, born again with purpose and vision, do you now hear my cry?


Fuck Religion!


To all of you religious zealots and extremists who distort God’s message of LOVE, Kindness, and a Forgiving and Caring heart. -Tmnk


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Subtle Diplomacy: Welcome to My Mental Playground



Mind Field – 30″ x 40″ mixed media on canvas

I’ve been trying to say a few things with subtle diplomacy. Big up, R.I.P. my brotha Jean Michel Basquiat. He is not me and I am not him. (wink). Can’t help it if we both used our minds and our he(art) to provoke you to think, aerosol, paint brush, krink.

Won’t complain or try to explain, instead I’ve left a few subtle stains, urban hieroglyphics, coded intellect purposely twisted.

The sky is falling.Nobody’s listening, busy playing around in the mind field of my mental playground.

Let Go and Let God




Aiiiight, we’re not gonna get all religious up in here. But I will tell you this, I work for the man, aka Mr. Big. Heck, I’d be a nobody, if not for these so-called talents he gave me. So message to all those feeling overwhelmed, stressed out. Do the best you can today. Then take a deep breath,and Let Go and Let God… And Watch what happens.




Are you following the pack man?

Oh My God


“New art from TMNK”

Oh My God (mixed media on masonite 18″ x 24″ approx.)

A lot of people are praying these days, some unfortunately are cursing, but “el numero uno’s” name is coming up quite a bit in conversations around the world these days.

It seems GOD is our first thought when we’re in trouble. Perhaps we should make God our first thought, even when we’re not in trouble?

After all what kind of relationship or friendship is it, when you only think about that friend when YOU need something, are in trouble, and need someone to bail you out? OMG, that would make you a user, not to mention a loser. – TMNK