The Best Street Artists and Graffiti Writers Create Outdoor Museum in Miami


HCTN TRAILER from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

The World’s Best and Most Talented Street Artists have descended upon Miami and have begun transforming the Wynwood District into a Visual Wonderland. Let me be clear, while many will transverse the halls of the official “ART BASEL” where, attendees will pay between $40-$50 to see “The ART”, The real show will be in the streets and exhibitions of Wynwood. Let me be more specific. STREET ART and Graffiti.

Once again, the most exciting thing about Art Basel will be the so-called vandals, and the artwork they create. Tony Goldman is a Real Estate Genius. And David Lombardi is a visionary, who saw the potential for this oasis of creativity long before anyone.

The result is a new chapter in Art History, this one featuring Names Like How and NOSM, Os Gemeos, LIQEN, Ron English, La Pandilla, Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, and a “so-called” NOBODY aka TMNK.




Chris Brown FAMOUS! and Ron English famous POP/Street Artist. Well it seems that Pop Art Super Star Ron English was commissioned to create the cover artwork for Chris Brown’s newest project entitled FAME.

Well, you may or may not remember what happened last year when one of Ron English’s wheat paste  that appeared on wooster…


Yup, NYC STreet Art Bad Boy is at it again… AKA F#%K! THE FAME! Nobody is Everywhere! LMAO… Yo’ Ron, YOU know…It’s all LOVE, Nobody LOVES YOU (and your work).

Ron English is Stalking Me


Or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, the two street artists have been seen hangin’ together quite a bit…LOL… First the Trespass book signing….then Miami….then Last night…dammmmmnmn…nobody is everywhere….or is about to be (wink)

Lip Service = Your Art is MY Canvas




Everybody wants to get up lately. Wheat paste here, a wheat paste there, here a wheat paste, there a wheat paste, everywhere a damn wheat paste. BFD. Whatever happened to the interactivity with the streets and art? Where’s the fun of playing with our unsuspecting audience, and each other?



Uhhh Ohh, It seems somebody is giving street art a makeover?  - TMNK

TRESPASSing with Legends




Last night was so surREAL… A collector invites me to attend the opening/book release of TRESPASS a history of uncommissioned urban art, street art. So we get there, the place is packed, and somebody asks me to sign their book? Okay, so I sign it. Next thing I know, I’m at the table, signing books for the rest of the evening…No, there is a line of people waiting for me to sign their book. I’M NOT IN THE BOOK…LOL and I tell a few of them that, and that I’m just a “nobody”. Still, they line up for me to sign their book. I was signing Books next to Steve Lambert, and Ron English, Alexander Orion, Joey Skaggs, WK interact and a host of others. Halfway through the evening Sara Schiller of the Wooster Collective, and one of the creators of the book published by TASCHEN came up to me and asked “who are you?” And I informed her that I was “nobody.” I told her that I wasn’t to my knowledge in the book, but that people kept asking me to sign. To my surprise, she told me she was delighted, and invited me to the after party at 101 Crosby.


Later at the after party, Amanda from EYE-BEAM (a technology art project) informed me that several people had commented that if you had your book signed by one artist tonight, make sure you get it signed by “NOBODY”. That shit made me smile inside. GTFOOH!! Then Ron English comes up to me and asks me to sign HIS book…WOW…

Thanks PB for inviting me, it seems when ever we hang out history is made. And thank you to “ALL OF YOU” who patiently waited in line for a Nobody like me to sign your book. I’m truly honored that you even cared. (wink) – TMNK

Ron English Gets a Makeover


The streets are talking, and with big fkkk’n lips. Yo’ Ron it was cool hang’n with ya. Nobody loves you like nobody loves you man. – TMNK

Status For Sale


Ron English new works were presented by Opera Gallery in an exhibit entitled Status Factory. And with some works priced in excess of $150,000 I felt…wow, imagine that…and he is still alive.