Victor Matthews Ain’t Fuck’n Around, He’s Got The Art World in a “Vortex”

Victor Matthews


Last night was the opening for Artist Victor Matthews exhibition, “Victor Matthews: The Vortex” at the De Buck Gallery. The paintings he showed were a rich swirl of color and textures spiraling inward, becoming one at the center. He didn’t disappoint. Like his work, the opening was rich in the diverse texture and color of it’s guests. Author Salman Rushdie, Russell Simons, Jelly Bean Benetiz, Writer Nelson George, and a list of who’s who’s that could go on an on.

Victor Matthews is showing us he’s not afraid to take it somewhere different. To get caught up and spiral forcefully, yet with control, infinitely inward.

Yo’ Victor, Thanks for inviting me into your “Vortex” bro. I gotta step up my game, cause’ you ain’t fuck’n around. – TMNK

Who is this guy? And Why is He With A Nobody Like Me?




He’s DEFinitely somebody. Give up?


He’s Lyor Cohen. Yeah, he’s just the Vice-Chairman of Warner Music Group, and the dude who along with Russell Simmons launched some of the biggest careers in hip hop. This cat opens doors in the music world. So it came as no surprise to me, that while others were told to use the other door at the lecture/book signing of DEFinitioncey_bill

(A recently released book by Cey Adams and Bill Adler),


when this dude came to the LOCKED door, it was opened with the quickness. Lyor is da man. And I’m well, you know, nobody. – TMNK