New York Street Artist Causes A Stir In Norway


For hundreds of years it was the tradition that the Nordic painted their boat houses a simple rust-red color. But something happened recently that changed all that. Gallery proprietor Stein Thorbergsen, invited New York Street artist “NOBODY” aka “TMNK, The Me Nobody Knows” for an exhibition of his distinctive brand of street art, and as a result this quiet Nordic retreat will never be the same.

Aerosol can in hand, and taking full advantage of the regions endless days of sunlight, the artist pained a large street art piece on the back of an historic boat house built in 1890. What followed can only be described as historically pivoting, for while there were a few traditionalist who were outraged by his unauthorized intrusion into their culture, the next day he had 8 requests to stop by and to reek his creative mischief on their boat house as well. One woman, slid next to the artist and was overheard sayng “Don’t you dare paint one of your fabulous drawings on my boathouse.” followed by a wink. “Tt’s the house a the top of the hill with the yellow awnings, and BTW, my husband will be gone for three days, so there will be no one there to disturb your creativity.”) followed by another wink.

Local restaurant owner Chef Rebecca, was so enamored with the New York Street artist that she closed her restaurant, to the public, and prepared a special dinner in his honor for TMNK and several of his special guests. She explained that the only other time she had done this before was for the King and Queen of Norway.

A well known Norwegian writer on holiday in the region, was the first to purchase one of the artist’s works. She remarked,”It spoke to me, and I just had to have it. A collector today, unable to make her mind between two paintings concluded the only thing to do was purchase both.


The Gallery, as well as the community at large was so impressed with the self-proclaimed  ”NOBODY and his art, that they have asked him to return next year and to bring a few friends, as they would like for him to curate a group show of Graffiti and Street art for next years summer exposition. Nobody says, “I think I may have started a new tradition, and envision returning years later to find the landscape full of these boat houses, each with their own unique visage created by some talented street artist. And image, hundreds of years later, this new tradition was begun all by what a “NOBODY” did.

ADDICTED TO THE STREETS: NYC Street Artist TMNK Exhibit Opens Today


Known to many as simply “NOBODY” and perhaps unknown to many more as an unknown in contemporary and street art, the New York Artist TMNK continues to garner international recognition. Today, his exhibit ADDICTED TO THE STREETS opens in a remote part of the world known as the artic cirle, as his exhibition opens in Norway remote Northern region, on the Island of Skutvik.




And in true Street Art Fashion, his exhibit will take place both inside and out. Check out how this so-called nobody is leaving his mark on the world.


New York Street Artist TMNK Takes It to a Whole ‘Nother Level, & Goes H.a.M. in Norway


It seems a certain NOBODY is making sure his reputation as an Internationally renown street artist is taken seriously. Taking advantage of the midnight sun in Northern Norway, where it’s sunny 24/7 and the fact that many of the inhabitants have not yet returned to their summer homes, TMNK brought his unique voice and art to their picturesque coastline.

And it’s already causing quite the stir, as some locals photographed  it, while others were visibly upset that their beloved tradition of painting all boat houses the same tired maroon was broken by the NYC bad boy of street art.