A Few NYC NOBODY’S Knocking on the Door of Mainstream Art World Acceptance





It wasn’t so long ago that I pushed my art up a street in a cart, selling my original artwork on Prince Street along with the rest of what was then our new collective, SoSIC. I wasn’t alone, my brother in arts AVONE and I held the block down. The we were joined by SKI, and the 2ESAE. And we began to collectively make our voices heard. A Bunch of nobody’s with no formal art training. But We were determined and relentless.

Well our collective didnt last, they seldom do. Clashes, egos, misunderstandings led to an eventual break up, and the formation of Destroy Rebuild NYC. AVONE, 2ESAE and SKI were Destroy Rebuild and I was just some NOBODY trying to get in where he fit in. Destroy Rebuild broke up too, and the four became further fractured. 2ESAE and SKI became UR New York, AVONE was Destroy Rebuild, and TMNK aka Nobody was ART IS MY WEAPON. And while the four were no longer working together, you best believe they kept working, HAM (Hard as a Muthafkka!). And That hard work payed off, they four quickly made a name for themselves as infamous NYC Street Artist and Graffiti writers. And those with a eye for hot street art, began to quietly add their work to their collections – around the world.

Well, main street, and more  importantly the Galleries and Dealers that occupy them are beginning to take ALL of them seriously. Lats year TMNK rocked Art Basel with his Nobody Gives A F#%K Solo show, and then followed with the MEGA Celebrity attended Pop Up Show Modern Urbanisms. Not to be out done, AVONE recently took over BAR89 with a massive 150 ft installation, and the Boys of UR New York recently did their own Solo thang at Art Basel 2012 sponsored by POP Gallery.







Well recently I checked my inbox and found an email from Cheryl Hazan Gallery in Tribecca. The gallerist inquired if i would be interested in working with them? “ARE YOU KIDDN ME?”!!! Man I rented a truck and took my best works over for her review, and was promptly notified of my inclusion in two upcoming group shows her Gallery was presenting. The First her 10th Annual RED Show December 16, 2011 and the other which no doubt will be a Street Art Block Buster entitled, THE WRINGS ON THE WALL ¬†scheduled for February (the latter is rumored to be a reunion of the four once collective members for the first time).= STAY Tuned! – TMNK


Keep Your Spot, We Want The World


They’re At It Again

Yup, the two friends and creative co-conspirators are dropping Collaborations. Rumor has it that AVONE and TMNK are doing the damn thang again, Dropping COLLABOS! YUP, and THEY dropped this Exclusive I’m The People (remix), ON THE PEOPLE †yesterday.

Creative Army of Hope and Humanity: Represent!



It seems I never know where the “Art Is My Weapon” t-shirts or bandannas †will turn up, or who will be spotted wearing one. It’s my hope that the message is clear to all. †I, and the legion of “nobodys” who have been a part of our movement, or sport our gear, advocate †using creative expression, ART, as a force against hatred, bigotry, and ignorance. This artist deplores violence, and believes that the collective creativity of like minds can make a positive difference in the world. PEACE -

Wanna represent – Send us shots, oooops, Pixs of you wearing your ART IS MY WEAPON gear! – TMNK

Inside Sprayman’s Studio

Spent the day watching Sprayman do his thing. Congrats, you’re doing BIG things!

Blah, Blah, Blog…please forgive me…



So much to do, and there are not enough hours in the day. So I’ve been taking it down a notch, and focusing on new larger works (and family of course). These difficult times we all face have been challenging for mind, body and spirit. And, yes, still I paint.

And per my recent blog I’ve been focusing on GIVING. So many have given this artist support, so I’ve been doing some giving back. And while it’s impossible to give to everyone who has given/supported, please know my he(art) is in the right place.

Speaking of which, as you know it’s a movement. It’s about how we each can and should †try to reach HIGHER, Inspire, make a difference, right?

Check out SOSIC family member Sean Ritchwood, doing his thang-thang.


†check out supporter/collector, now Street artist herself, proudly and confidently doing her thing in Soho:

loan_indastreetsYou go girrrrrrl!

Thats’s what it is. I got to get back to work. And hey, leave a comment from time to time. aiight

Nobody Promoting Free Concert



Free Concert – Mixed Media on masonite (18″ x 24″) (click here to purchase)

I awakened this morning with the idea of promoting a “Free Concert.” But instead †of †as traditionally is the case, where free concerts are hosted in local public parks, the concert I’m promoting will be held worldwide IN THE HEART.†I love Music. And Music is the international language of love. With so much violence and hate in the world, I thought it would be nice if we could all attend a free concert celebrating our collective humanity.

The concert is being held TODAY (and everyday) at noon. To attend just rock your favorite tune at 12 Noon, and then with LOVE, PEACE, AND JOY in your heart, close your eyes and dance, and imagine the rest of the world dancing with you.†After all, sooner or later we all dance together.

What’s YOUR song? †I wonder WHo will †be attending, and what they’ll be †listening to at TODAY’s FREE CONCERT in the HEART?†- TMNK

Artist Worldwide United is 5150 SoSIC

Did you feel that? It’s not even midnight here in NYC and I swear I could feel the ground moving. Or is that a ground MOVEMENT. (And the first Shot, Tag, to be heard round the world is from NC – Shook One). Artists, Graff writters, Stencil Catz, Stickerdudes, are uniting to create a communications network that WE own, THE STREETZ – ya dig.
Yo, that would mean as an art movement WE not the art dealers/galleries would have the ECONOMIC POWER.
That $h*t would be 5150, damn that would be SoSIC.

Drop it. Tag it. Spread IT. We’re coming.

15 Geniuses that influenced my growth, my art

I now paint feverishly. Intensely, everyday. I find my thoughts becoming more complex, yet my symbolic expressions more simple. In short, I see myself growing in my work, and for me this is very exciting. It was a good decision to risk it all. I am nobody, but I was born to die an artist. And it is only now, with every ounce of my survival vested, do I feel myself begin to take flight and soar.

I found the wind beneath my wings in the form of inspiration from some of the most talented creative minds you’ve never heard of. Below are 15 Geniuses. Brilliant creative minds YOU should know. My work may be compared to Basquiat or Herring, Romare Bearden, Picasso and other artists, and there is no denying their work has been inspirational. However it was the work of the GENIUSES on my list who ACTUALLY INFLUENCED the work this nobody does. Let history reflect it correctly.
1) Ken Addison – Artist (R.I.P.)

2) Jeffrey Smith – Documentary Photographer
3) Victor Hall – Photographer, 3D Artist, Art Director
4) Betty Neals – Drama Teacher, Actress, Poetress
5) AVONE – Graffiti Artist, Street Artist
6) 2ESAE – Graffiti Artist, Street Artist
7) Joe Sam – Artist
8) Ravenis – Hip Hop Producer, Rapper
9) Gus Fink – Artist
10) Lance Foster – Make-up Artist (R.I.P.)
11) Clinton Davis, Jr. – Photographer (R.I.P.)
12) Patrick Kelly – Fashion Designer (R.I.P.)
13) Mr. Cartoon – Tattoo Artist
14) Shelly Tatum – Promoter, Entrepenuer
15) Walter Iooss – Photographer