Pusherman: First 100 Days (Day 20 of 100)



Pusherman – mixed media  and collage on masonite – 18″ x 24″


“i’m your mamma, i’m your daddy i’m that nigga in the alley i’m your doctor, when in need want some coke, have some weed you know me, i’m your friend your main boy, thick and thin i’m your pusherman i’m your pusherman.”- Curtis Mayfield

These are the lyrics from Curtis Mayfield’s, 1972 hit Pusherman, from the Superfly soundtrack. It described an everyman, drug dealer, who understood what his people were craving and he, the pusherman was the dude with their fix.


Our nation is in a terrible recession, and our President says he has the fix for our economic woes. So he has moved with rapid speed during his first 100 days to push his stimulus package through to help the American people. And while I’m a big supporter of our President, quick fixes seldom do anything more than keep people strung out, more dependent on their pusher, man. Only time will tell if this was the right prescription. But even a nobody like me has to respect our President’s hustle. He got that package off with the quickness. – TMNK