Open Letter to the President of The United States of America from a NOBODY


Dear Mr. President:

I know you think you ballin’ cause you got a Blog,not to mention the air force, army, and the marines, plus the secret service. I get it, ¬†YOU the man around this muthaf#%ka, ccommander -in-chief. But yo’ “O” you need to recognize I’m the Commander-In-These Streets. And while I know you’re trying to keep us safe from threats abroad, bro, have you been to the hood lately? Brooklyn? Oakland? LA? Lately? There are more of US killing US than terrorists. I’m just saying.


So, with all due respect, to you and your office, I’m sick and damn tired of seeing our children murdered, slaughtered in the hood from senseless violence. Yo’ “O” Fuck the bullshit, I saw something, and me and the Art Is My Weapon Army not only said something, we did something about it. Ya dig. Street Art Baby. Art Is my weapon, and I’ve declared war on violence and hatred.

So, Mr. President, Sir, basically what It comes down to is this, KISS MY ART! ;-)

Running Things (Day 25 of 100) First 100 Days


Running Things – mixed media on masonite (Day 25 of 100) First 100 Days (18″ x 24″)

Signing executive orders and new legislation, President Obama has wasted little time in establishing that he is “The Man.” His style has been honest, forthright, and direct. And he has made it clear, very early on, that there is a big difference between his administration and the previous administration.

“Hello world, my name is Barack Obama, and if you don’tknow, now you know – I’M RUNNING THINGS.”