Armed & Extremely Dangerous: New York Street Art Exhibit in The Streets 2nd deployment of WMD’s


The second wave of New York Street Artist TMNK’s (Nobody) Art installation entitled, “Armed & Extremely Dangerous”  have been deployed. AK47′s cut out of sheet metal, have been painted bright colors and inscribed with messages of peace and hope and installed throughout New York. The artist believes that  we as a society of  so-called civilized people have become “Armed and Extremely Dangerous.”  And so he’s placed what he calls “WMD’s” “Weapons of Mass DIsruption” and Weapons of Mass Discussion” into public spaces all over New York. The artist’s message, slightly different from officials of Homeland Security, “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING (wrong in your world, DO SOMETHING!”  Each of us, with acts of caring, kindness, and love can make a difference. – Nobody Cares ;-)





Armed and Extremely Dangerous: Exhibit Opens with WMD’s Deployed Throughout City


The Exhibit by New York Street Artist TMNK (aka Nobody) opens TODAY! and its called Armed and Extremely Dangerous. Metal “fake” ak47 cut-outs have been painted a variety of colors, and inscribed with messages that promote unity, peace, and love. They have been left throughout New York City as a Street Art Installation. They are intended to visually disrupt the passer-by, much the way deadly gunfire would from their real counterparts. But artistic weapons, “thought grenades”, Weapons of Mass Disruption and Weapons of Mass Discussion, weren’t designed to harm, instead they were deployed to  spark a dialogue, or perhaps inspire others to find creative non-violent ways to make a difference. Or at least try to.






I’m just a street artist, a Nobody. But it frightens me to think that in my “civilized” world my son is in more danger of being killed by someone from the same neighborhood, city that he grew up in, than a terrorist. I’m saddened that, my world birthed a madman that could slaughter innocent men, women, children in Norway, and worse yet, he’s not the only one. So perhaps my voice, my pebble in the pond, is insignificant, my “street art projects” sheer folly? Well I think not. I think each of us has the potential to do something great, to make a difference. And since I gotta be here and do something before I am no more, I saw something, so NOBODY decided to DO SOMETHING – anything less, would certainly be dangerous. Because if you’re not part of the solution, well… YOU know who you are. This Nobody cares. – TMNK

The New Black





Spent most of the day doing research for upcoming exhibit. And I didn’t have to go far to find Weapons of Mass Destruction. So, now I’m getting my thoughts on target for G40. Hoping that the art I create provokes thought/discussion.